Just got back from the temple

Hey me and my companion just got back from the temple and its finally P day again the Provo temple is really cool and unique and it just barely opened up from maintence. Its been awesome to get all the letters from you guys im the most popular in my district ha jk not really but me and my companion almost always get the majority of the mail. Thats crazy sounds like Harvest is in full swing hopefully alot of the house got cleaned up good. Its kinda crazy writing emails dont feel bad when it feels like i dont say much im also going to send a letter were just not allowed a whole lot of email time and it gets complicated shuffling through my mail trying to answer questions. So I will just tell you all how its going here.
So Luis the investigator I was telling you about is fake. But me and my companion were convinced they had it set up good we had a referral card and everything for him we kept our eyes open to see if he was wearing garments which he wasnt ha. and everything we taught him about 5 lessons and got him a tagalog book of mormon and stuff and just this last thursday we came to class to see luis there in a suit and tie with a teacher badge on and everything turns out he speaks perfect English and is and RM from the philippines but he is filipino.
As far as the Language is going ehh alright I feel like I know quite a bit already but at the same time all the grammar and sentence structure is very hard and complicated were rooming with this other kid that is speaking spanish headed to peru and I end up speaking more spanish with him than I do Tagalog who knows maybe I will learn two languages out here ha no its getting there. All the teachers are really fun and teach really hard and at the same time expect quite a bit out of us.
Sundays and Tuesdays are my favorite because we have firesides and devotionals on those days plus we get to watch a movie sunday night we watched testaments this week it was really good. Other than that everything is just basic studying and stuff Love you all keep up the letters.

Elder Polatis

P.S. Send me some pictures of harvest and the combines and tractors ha thanks

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