Hey we just got back from the temple. The days are starting to pick up a little more now and its crazy I cant really tell time apart now sometimes I think im headed to dinner when its really breakfast. This morning we got a change up though cause we ate breakfast at the temple. Its really nice to get a change up on food. while Im talking about food I will tell you about my food experience I concluded the reason I am either to energetic or dead tired is because I have probably tripled my sugar intake while being here so im either on a sugar high or am crashing from one. Not just from all the chocolate milk ice cream pies and cookies and donuts from meals but everyone gets packages full of candy that we share ha yeah so I made that a little goal to cut down the sugar. Still havent gained a pound though we work pretty hard in gym time and me and Elder Hendrickson (District Leader) do push ups and pull ups every night before bed. It helps me to sleep better when we do that right before bed. As far as the language and things thats going good Im starting to get a hang on concepts and verb conjugations. So you know how different it is we have to flip words around and talk like yoda and then whenever anything is plural you put the word mga (munga) before instead of and s at the end. exp. Mga pusa is cats. Anyway that probably bores you but thats pretty much all we do all day were incouraged to SYL speak your language to everyone on campus so we try talking in tagalog everywhere we go its kinda hard to do. Were teaching two investigators who are really only our teachers but the just play role and act like there someone else they really try to make it real. Our teachers are awesome we have Brother Ward and Brother Langer who both served in the Philippines. Also we have another teaching thing on Wednesday called traing resource center TRC where people from the community come in that know Tagalog and we teach them a spiritual message and just practice thats really fun cause were not acting anything they tell about there lives and of course are almost always members but thats a really good experience. Me and some Elders signed up for haircuts later today mine has already gotten really long. I never really had anyone but you cut my hair mom ha so its a new experience, like lots of things are here are somewhat new. I would send you some pictures but of things we do here but I guess they stopped letting elders send email pictures a few months ago and theres no place to develop any. I will just quickly tell you about the Elders and Sisters in my district considering I spend practically all day every day with them. Elder Spezia from peoria Arizona oh yeah and I asked him about Brandon light he didnt know hime or any lights though. Elder Molnar is from Orem his companion Elder Waite is from Gilbert, AZ Elder Hendrickson is from Bear River City, Ut and his companion Elder Johannson from Cheena Hills Cali whos mom was born in Blackfoot Then Sister Baravilala From Fiji and sister Nuipulusu from American Samoa then Sister Hadley from Micronesia and Sister Mower from UT.
Love you all and I will try to send some letters
Elder Polatis
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