Hey everyone another P-day man crazy im almost down to double digits on weeks now. Of course its the same ol schedule we just got back from the temple and came to the lab to write. The works going good just doing me desk work im learning a lot though. Tagalog is getting better and we almost are at the point where we dont even memorize phrases before we go in with our fake investigator and we can carry on a small conversation. Its definately still hard though its fun. So every Tuesday we have fireside and im really hoping its a big shot tonight who talks so far most of the people who have talked have been emeritus general authorities who are very good and they all have good messages. So on Saturday Elder Peet (our roommate) left for Peru he finally got his visa and they shipped him right off he had to leave at two o clock in the morning. Now its just me and Elder Spezia so were thinking there gunna put a new companionship in with us tomorrow when the new missionaries come in I dont know if I told you but in two weeks 70 new missionaries are coming in all headed for the Philippines so our classrooms are gunna be packed most the buildings here are pretty old and the A/C is not up to par so it gets pretty muggy they have redone a lot of the buildings but not ours and I guess our residence hall is the last one that needs remodeling also but its not to bad. So I weighed myself the other day I have already gained ten pounds ha so once I leave the MTC im gunna need new cloths ha jk I wont.
Our district as a whole has started to work together a lot better with so much free time to ourselves a lot of times people will get off topic and distracted but everyones been keeping in line pretty good the last little while and we learn a lot faster that way. Thank you all for the letters you have been writing although now that im sitting down here on a time limit I cant remember all the questions you had thats ok im planning on writing some hand letters during laundry today.
I have realized while being here that goals are super crucial to working effectively In my personal goals companionship or even district goal if you outline your goal decide what steps to get there you can do a lot of things with the lords help. Im grateful to be out here learning life lessons like that and doing this super important work. Oour Branch Presidency here keeps telling us how this church is different from others in that we send out young inexperienced young adults to do the lords work who dont have any high degrees or anything and this is because he just needs someone with a pure soul and able body to deliver this message I discover more and more I can be an instrument in gods hands like that and Im excited to see all that im gunna learn and experience in the Philippines also to go along with that a speaker on sunday added to that when he said we may be just a bunch of young college age kids but we are a very select few to be here doing his work considering everyone that is out there. Im grateful to be one of those and its humbling to meet all the missionaries here and discover how they got here thanks for all that you guys are doing for me and have done for me
Love Elder Polatis
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