Kumusta po lahat tao,
Hey everyone so before I forget everyone that receives this email if you would like reply back to me so i have your email and then I can send it straight to you if you would like or check the blog that Alanna has set up for me. So how is everthing going there thanks for all of your letters and packages. Everything is great here were still hard at work on the language. I have been buying flash cards from the bookstore to memorize vocab. So I have all these sets of flash cards on rings now and so I got this giant three inch ring to stick all my cards on it is really cool to hold it up and see all the words I know in Tagalog now and see my progress. My big thing with the language im gunna start doing more of is grammar I need to get better at that and verb conjugations but other than that its coming right along and I am hoping for a big jump when I finally get to the Philippines. Speaking of going to and from the Philippines next week is a pretty big week theres a district leaving for the Philippines on monday and then wednesday 70 new missionaries are showing up between the two zones headed for the phillys here at the MTC thats about 6 Districts maybe 5. Which is gunna be crazy because right now its some what tight theres a few empty classrooms but with 5 districts we will be jammed. Also along those lines me and Elder Spezia still dont have any roommates theres two empty beds so were trying to figure out if we will get new ones tomarrow when the new batch comes in or if they will wait and give us some Tagalog speakers the next week. The craziest thing is that after all this we will be the oldest of farthest along in our missions between all the Tagalogs. Sorry im trying to make this sound comprehendible but its kinda hard to understand unless you realize how the MTC works.
So right now we have two teachers Bro. Langer and Bro. Ward one teaches us in the morning and one at night I have learned so much from Brother Ward hes really good at teaching which is the sad part because since all these new districts are coming in he wont be teaching us anymore he will start up with a new district. The cool part is Sister Watkins is gunna be replacing him and she went to the San Pablo and barely got back like 3 months ago shes so excited for me and elder Spezia and sister hadley cause were going to the same mission as her and she tells us all about our mission president and stuff. Theres really no way to describe sister watkins she is so full of energy and literally bounces off walls ha so maybe it will be good to get more energy flow in the room. Just in case you were curious pretty much the rest of the people in our district are all headed for the Quezon City North mission. Including Elder Waite who by the way we talked about him maybe having family in North Platte he wasnt positive but he wrote home and is waiting for a reply so I will let you know on that.
The Temple was really great this morning the provo temple is really unique at least I think so I havent been in a whole lot of temples to compare it but its a really good experience. I wish I could send you all some pictures of things but just as of a few months ago the MTC stopped developing pictures for missionaries and they locked up the computers so you cant send them over email either but thats ok two more years and I will show all of them to you.
For a very cool note last Tuesday we had Brother David Evans from the quorum of the seventy speak last week to us it was a great experience as have been all the speakers we have had here, they really speak with strong authority and are able to relay very spiritual messages that can really activate spiritual revelation. I am grateful for the spirit I am able to feel from the MTC its very unique and comforting to know that all these buildings and this ground is dedicated to studying, learning, and teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. One thing I feel I have taken for granted is the power of the priesthood I have been given. Through my experiences here I have realized what great power and blessing it is in our lives I am excited for every chance I have in being able to use it and the way it makes me feel. I know it is the true power and authority of god that I am able to act in his name. I am striving to use it to the fullest extent to serve the people in the Philippines. I am grateful for my decision to be here right now on a mission. Its been what 5 weeks and I still lay in bed at night stunned at the thought that I have a name tag now with Jesus Christs name on it and its through him that I have learned so much about the gospel and picked up on the languange.
Elder Polatis
P.S. I just glimpsed through and realized how horrible this sounds and all the misspellings try to get the best from it. But I am out of time and cant proofread it magandang araw

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