Hello everyone,
Man It seems like I just barely wrote an email like 2 days ago times really speeding up it especially goes a lot faster when your not counting at first some of the missionaries were counting days and writing on the chalk board but now that they are all tired of that and busy doing other things I have lost track of the weeks days everything except day of the week i really dont know how long I have been here and im not gunna stop to figure it out either cause that will slow it back down. Well I heard the big new about Brittany going to Lima, Peru east mission I dont know if you remember me telling you about our roommate when we first got here but he went to the Lima south mission I think he said theres five but im sure all of you already know that and all about her mission. Also though I think I have a friend I met a while back at EFY in that mission possibly Im gunna do some checking but the district leader we have right now was good friends with him in high school. He said hes in Lima Peru east maybe so I will let you know on that. I have to admit just a little jealous that shes learning spanish now ha. Thats ok cause im starting to really like Tagalog now that im understanding it more it is a lot simpler of a language than I thought. If you compare a Tagalog book of mormon to Spanish bible the Tagalog book is still a touch bigger it just goes to show how long the words are in Tagalog but its because of the way verbs are conjugated and linkers are added I really am starting to like it. Well I heard you are done with grain harvest now thats cool and I bet everyone is relaxing before potatoes I miss potatoes they serve either rice or potatoes every meal I just came from a idaho potatoe farm and these potatoes dont come close to match. And I know that im gunna get plenty my share of rice the next to years but thats ok I never go hungry. So my teacher Bro. Langer is actually the head of the whole Tagalog department of teachers if that makes sense I think he has been here almost two years now. I really have developed a lot of respect for him though. He just started school back up again yesterday as a Linguistics major. This year he is taking Spanish classes and plans to be fluent by the end of the year and be tri-lingual. He starts classes at 8 o clock in the morning and doesnt stop until 2 o clock not even for lunch and then he literally runs to the MTC to either teach our class at 225 or have Coaching missionary study. He is a convert to the church and was baptized when he was 17 in Nevada. I just think about what a change he has made in his life to be doing all these things and hes super hard working.
One of my goals while I am here and on my mission is to become more hardworking and dedicated to things that are most important I have realized planning can be everything to start out our days in the mission field. At the end of the day if I can look back and say we executed our planning session to the T it makes me feel really good that we didnt waste time. So I know you would all like pictures from my end but like I said before they stopped developing pictures on campus here and theres no way to upload pictures on the email. But if you are really inerested my companion sent an SD card home to his parents who I think will upload his pictures onto his blog so see if you can find Elder Kyle Spezia’s blog and there might be a couple of me. Just so you know that I appreciate pictures in my letters ha. By the way speaking of getting stuff in the mail I got some temple names from Alanna yesterday and today I did temple work for James Monroe Light. That was really cool experience to know im helping out a direct relative and I have more names to do.
I almost forgot to tell you about Neil L. Anderson coming to speak to us last Tuesday it was amazing to have a general authority and its always a intense waiting to see who walks in the doors cause they dont say anything before hand. When he walked in instantly the whole MTC was on there feet in the middle of the song. He talked about the Ten things president Monson would tell us if he were there. Its amazing cause it was almost like he was giving the talk the President Monson had prepared I wish I had time to go through all ten things he told us about but I will some it up with the words from a talk that Nicole sent me actually “Find Joy In the Journey” President Monson is one of though happiest people I have ever seen and you can tell that its now just some fake camera smile hes putting on he is a truly happy person to be a servant of the lord. As am I. I never really realized how much joy I could receive from being on a mission having the spirit in my life I can tell is changing me. I really am starting to feel more love for my companion and those that I am able to help out. I met a missionary the other day who was meeting 5 new missionaries every day talking to the getting to know them telling them he loved them and then praying for them and there specific needs as one of his goals. It was incredible what he was doing and the charity he showed. I to have started making goals to help others out and let them know I care and try to love them as equally as Jesus does, I know im far from that though. Getting to know people is a really big part of missionary work though I have found its how you show your love is by showing them that you care about the same things they do. A excercise we did in class the other day was question, answer, and meet there needs or Tunung, Sugot, Tugon in Tagalog its a little more in depth to explain but its about showing them how the gospel relates to them specifically. The gospel is for every single person and can help them in specific areas. I love you all
Elder Polatis

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