We got our flight plans our plane flies out from Salt Lake at 8:30 pm and then we go to Los Angeles and transfer then from there we go to Hong Kong and from there Manila and then I heard its like a 5 hour drive to San Pablo from there so I will practically be on a plane for a day and a half ha. So I bought a calling card so I guess I will call sometime in there when I have time im not sure when or where just Monday night. Its getting pretty crazy and hard to concentrate on learning the language Brother Langer just taught us our last grammar concept last night and it flew right over my head like all the concepts though I have just needed to study them out a lot to get them. So I dont know how clear my letter was last week about Elder WAITE getting ACL surgery it wasnt elder Spezia my companion but another elder in the district he is gunna be here at the MTC for another six weeks or so probably but hes recovering quickly.

We hosted the new missionaries last week and I actually did see TJ Mathews but I havent seen him since I also saw Cole Farmer come in that day today. We host again tomorrow so maybe I will see more people I know. Our roommates that we got a few weeks ago are actually going to Indonesia so its fun having another group of people we know outside of our district. I cant even think of whats been going on here because its all been going by so fast that I feel like our same old schedule over and over again since we last talked.

I do have a new goal the before I leave the MTC I want to break 150 pounds. After gaining about ten pounds I kinda slowed down on eating a whole bunch of deserts and junk food for meals. I do eat a bunch of candy though cause at night we just go back to our rooms write in our journals and have bags full of candy but I figured while im here I might as well throw on those few more pounds and hit 150 before I go get sick in the Phillippines.

So we went to the temple this morning for my last time until I am able to go to the Manila temple at the end of my mission. That was just crazy to think about while I was in there.

The other day me and elder spezia and some other kids were doing our personal study on the grass somewhat close to the gate and I watched the cars drive by with the BYU flags in the window and throughout the afternoon you could hear the band and the crowd cheering ha we always ask the teachers how the game went also theres a lot of missionaries I have found that went to Utah State so I heard about there game beating the U of U and from Nicoles letter telling me. Once we get to the Philippines it seems like all that will be behind and it wont be happening all around us it seems.

Thanks for all the packages I got from everyone here I liked all the stuff. That tie is also very cool I got a lot of compliments on it Elder Spezia had one similar to it same design just different color scheme so we wore them both on sunday I got some picture and they just put card readers in the computers at the Laundry room so if I am able to get a computer down there I will send some pictures but the laundry is always so busy so I dont know If I will be able to.

This coming Sunday me and Elder Spezia are teaching a lesson in District meeting for our second time its on the Book of Mormon so were pretty excited cause theres a lot of ways to go with that. Last time we taught on Faith in Jesus Christ and that went good so we are just building upon that. We really enjoy opportunities to teach in English because we are able to just focus on doctorine and not get frustrated with the language while we teach. Im also excited because I will be able to share some parts of the Book of Mormon I have read through while being here. One of my favorites I dont know if I mentioned this in a previous email is Enos. Because its only one chapter it has given me a lot of time to think about it and what kind of a man Enos was his background what his feelings were to have such a strong change of heart and that much faith to be able to be cleansed. While I was studying yesterday I was thinking about faith and reading scriptures and trying to figure out how to gain it and how to use it and I concluded with this “We must excercise faith in order to gain faith” Sometimes its hard to just have complete trust and rely on Heavenly Father but the more we try and work toward that the more he will bless us in our testimony. I really hope I can put these messages into the Tagalog language and teach people about gods plan for us and how to find true happiness. Its really hard to visualize that in about a week from now I will be walking around a jungle like that speaking this language but im just going to continue to rely on the lord and do everything I can do and I have faith that it will be enough.

Love you all

Elder Polatis


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