Full week down!

I will be completely honest this first week has been a big change. The language still seems very hard but I am able to speak good complete sentences a little faster so people dont get bored with me ha. So Its good to hear from all of you in the emails I have got but I have not gotten any mail yet. As far as mail goes you all asked for an address. But I dont know it ha and also President and Sister Peterson recommended that everyone just sends mail to the mission home and they have a system where the send letters with missionaries or couple going to and from my zone so mission home is best and it gives a lot better chance that it will actually arrive. Mail is a big problem here especially when it looks foreign I think so I dont know ha.

As for my weekly email President gives us one hour and 15 minutes to write 15 to write him and one hour to write you. Im sorry about last week we had a lot to do last P-day and ran short on time to write letters before we had to return to work. We write letters in a little internet lab here in Nagsugbu. Because no one can afford a computer or anything there are a lot of these little labs around town it costs about 25 pisos for that much time I use which is about 50 cents. The money has been hard to get used to when im shopping because I cant tell if its expensive and things that would be cheap in America are expensive here ha.

Speaking of money and food my shopping experience early today was interesting we went to the market and got all our stuff. It is an open market and in one part of it is a bunch of meat venders to make it short it reaks and there are flys all over the place. We bought some pork from a guy with a cigarette in his mouth. We also bought some fish that were just caught this morning and we took them back and gutted them. Elder Viloria fried them up and we ate them for a late lunch. They were just small little fish and he eats the whole thing head bones and all. He also eats with his hands. Its funny though cause he sets the table with silverware in my place. While we were at the market I got blood from something on one of my sleeves. I almost think that someone might have purposely splattered it on me. I will admit I am annoyed sometimes at the attention I get because im white. Especially in the market it draws a lot of beggars anytime I pull out my wallet and they sit there and prod me with there hand. So I ended up giving the budget to Elder Viloria and he payed for most everything.

The Nagsugbu branch is really great though. The church buildings here in the Philippines are amazingly nice. Maybe its just cause they stick out like a sore thumb because everything around them is very dirty. I feel bad for the people in these poor living conditions. In the Nagsugbu branch there are about 400 members and only 150 attend church. I keep getting asked about my ward back home and I really didnt have any numbers for them. So dad how many members are there in P1 and whats the inactive percentage. The Philippines has a big problem with that I think because of there culture everyone just likes to sit at home alot. Which makes it nice to find people cause they are always home. One of the members is a tailor Sister Asia and she is making me pants she already finished one and I am wearing them right now actually. They fit very good and are very comfortable Im grateful to be out of my other pants because they are all dry clean pants so I feel bad when I get them dirty and they dont breath very well.

So I have another short story about a teaching experience last week. We were teaching a blind lady in her one room house. I sat down close to the window and began with a prayer which I offered. When I finished I looked up and some guy was leaning in the window over me. I began to speak in his slurred english to me (some people try to show off trying to speak english). I could smell alcohol on him so after acknowleding him and realizing he wasnt leaving I continued to lead into the lesson while the drunk guy tried to translate my tagalog into english. I offered a short prayer that the lord would help me with this trial. I just focused on trying to ignore him and invite the spirit after a five or so minutes I realized he had stopped and I heard a little rustle outside. Two cops were standing there and cuffed up the guy and we taught the lesson. Just a short lesson that the lord answers prayers and does not take missionary work lightly.

The other day we went out to Baranguay Cogunan which hadnt been visited in awhile and we had a good list of less actives we needed to contact. It was nice because I finally got out of the city and smelled somewhat fresh air. There were also many sugar can fields out there which I did get a picture with of course hopefully next week I will figure out how to get some pictures on here. A little bit of suspense for next weeks letter. Anyway Sugar Cane is really ineresting and super tall even taller than corn or anything. I enjoyed Cogunan and want to go back soon I think we have that planned for thursday.

Anyway conference is coming up and im excited to here what we will here. The only way to listen to conference is at the meeting house and the Nagsugbu one has a satelite on it. Here on the mission I have learned to talk closer note of our leaders and teachers over us and applying the things they say and. Teach which is why I am excited for conference. I know the prophet is called of god and gives us divine revelation that can truely bring us happiness and guidance through our trials in life. As can all the apostles and members of the church called to theres positions by heavenly father. I love you all


Elder Polatis


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