Letter on Mon Oct 8th 2012

Im glad to hear from you and im glad you have so many questions and comments it lets me know you havent forgetten about me…yet ha jk. So much to say once again and Im typing as fast as I can. First matter of topic im dying of anticipation because everyone mentioned the new age change about girls going on missions but no one explained…I know nothing about it because we arent actually watching conference till this upcoming week which is a week later than you. I just automatically thought conference was next week for everyone and its live for you also. But I guess its already over ha.

So this upcoming week the other missioniaries from our district (4 elders) will be coming to Nasugbu for conference its about an an hour to an hour and a half to the other elders towns which doesnt say much its hard to explain distances in the Philippines they all ask oh wheres Idaho I say malapit sa(close to) Utah and I say 3 hour drive the thing is a three hour drive here actually means its maybe like 60 or 70 miles away because wala interstates here. But close and far is a different concept because the U.S. is so big. Next we had a zone P-day today. I didnt even know what zone P-day was before but we have one every transfer where we get together and go do something. So we hired a member to take us out on a boat to a white sand beach. There was 12 of us (2 elders were gone cause of sickness). Me and elder viloria made fried chicken and everyone else had different food assignments. It was amazingly beautiful I will add those pictures in and things. Oh Im also very sunburnt from the beach. I still have much more pictures to take of things to send but thats just more fore next week ha.

We got lots of investigators this week from ward member referrals and just asking the people we teach for anyone else. We still actually have yet to go tracting people literally find and talk to us everyone is very laid back and friendly. The Investigators are still hard though we cant get them to keep committments is our biggest trial and thats actually what we fasted for this past sunday was specifically that they can feel direction from the spirit as they take actions in there life toward Jesus Christ. So I have yet to mention the food very much here. Oh the stories I could tell already. For the most part I feel like there food is a little bland you eat a little bit of ulam which just means anything that could go on top of rice and a huge pile of rice. I have found most of it looks funny but just dont think about the way it looks or where it came from and realize its feeling my belly. At times I have taken the approach chew fast and swallow but that backfired because it makes me look like im starving and scarfing it down. Either way people really want to feed you the best they can. We average one or two dinner appointments a week and from lesson to lesson they give us snacks and stuff. I feel bad taking food sometimes cause I see what little they have and they wont let me deny it. One member fed us Chicken Curry and that was very good I liked it a lot its actually the same member who made my pants, Sister Asia there family is very strong in the church here.

I also need to tell you about our home. Its a apartment with two bedrooms and a kitchen with desks. Very small compared to america and very large compared to Philipinos. Me and Elder Viloria actually sleep in different bedrooms which is against mission rules but has been approved until we get bunkbeds and then we can iron and things in the other room. The Batangas Zone couple missionaries over us said Im actually very lucky because we have a garden who an elder before planted things in. I have no idea what the plants are besides the squash though. Sometimes I weed the garden for morning excercise haha i dont know if that qualifies as excercise or not. But elder Viloria is the only one who knows how to cook from it. One problem with our home is all the ants and cockroaches I guess our area in Nasugbu has a problem with it and in others they dont. But we have to put literally everything in the refrigator so ants cant get to it and even chemicals we have used doesnt stop them.

This is the most humbling experience I have ever had and I hope I never take a meal at Applebees for granted again. I have to be really accepting of the culture especially cause my companion is Philipino so sometimes I feel like no one understands me cause im the only white person in Nasugbu (red actually now from sunburn). This has let me to prayer and realizing I have Heavenly Father he understands me and he understands everyone here on the earth I am grateful for my relationship with him and am continuing to strengthen it through my trials and experiences. I love all of you thank you for everything. Elder Polatis P.S. All your letters are great I enjoy them very much not complaining but if you write me dear elder I can read them before hand and be more prepared in my thoughts in what I shall write so tell me all your stories and everything thats going on in dear elder. Continue sending me short emails with your questions and things though please I enjoy them. Oh and enjoy pictures 🙂


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