Letter sent 10-22-2012

This week I felt like I made a good jump on progression and learned a lot about being a missionary. Especially from President Peterson, zone interviews went good and I dont know why I was nervous maybe cause Elder Viloria was all jumpy about it. I think he feels sometimes like he wants to live up to his brothers example. His brother served in this same mission a couple years ago and was an AP. So he was a little jumpy about cleaning up the apartment and things. Its also funny to cause he thinks he cant speak English and always wants me to do the talking when our leaders come but really its in his head cause he has no problem talking or understanding english.

So I never told you this earlier but I came to the mission two weeks late. Right before I got here Elder Bednar came to this mission and gave a talk to all the missionaries. I dont know if you are allowed to have favorite apostles or anything but I would have to say Elder Bednar is up there on my list and im a little upset I missed it. Especially because the time I was in the MTC was during a drought of have general authorities for speakers. Oh well I know im blessed and I heard about many of the things Elder Bednar said to them. This week me and Elder Viloria are going back to the mission home for Training check up meeting. Oh which reminds me mom you asked if the picture that President sent to you is in front of the mission home. Yes it is and the mission home is very very nice I was so surprised when we pulled up ha I actually have pictures of it maybe next week I will send those ones.

So our teaching pool is getting very big and its getting hard to keep up with. The last few weeks we have picked up many new investigators and are working with them. The hard thing about the Philippines is that before they can be baptized they need to attend church for 4 weeks in a row. This is partly because we want to make sure they will be dedicated and we wont just be acquiring more less actives or inactives even. Also this has been hard cause the one family I thought we were going to get to come the Casteneda family missed this sunday because tatay was in the hospital so we have to start there count on sundays over again.

Last night Elder Viloria accidently scheduled two dinnere appointments and by the time he realized it we couldnt cancel so we ate twice. This week I can know add pigs feet and eel onto my list of foods ha. I know I have been complaining about the food the last few emails but really Its not to bad. I just dont ask what I ate until after a few days and I find out that I can digest eat ha also there are many good things I buy this candybar/granola bar a lot called CHOCOMUCHO its really good ha I miss it. I have been eating a lot of junk food.

Through all my struggles and tough times I have come to one conclusion the lord prepared me to go on this mission through my parents through my leaders and my whole environment. Sometimes I didnt take advantage of everything around me to learn about the gospel. But I can repent from that and I know as long as im doing my best it will be enough. Well go to go we have a family home evening tonight. Have fun at Lake Powell everyone sounds like fun also by the way can you tell tanner about my blog thanks.

I love you,

Elder Polatis


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