Pictures sent 10-22-2012

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In this slide show there are five pictures! Here is the description Nathan sent for each picture…

1.This is the Tindugan Family they are less active and we work very closely with them I have had many spiritual experiences while teaching them and I always bring pictures for me and the boys to look at thats there favorite.

2.So this next one Is a Jeepney this is the coolest Jeepney I have seen here it belongs to one of the members and they used it during conference to bring members from neighboring cities here to Nasugbu. Most of the other Jeepneys are like solid stainless steel and having mexican style words all over them ha.

3.I havent got very close to any fields or anything yet but we ventured off for just a moment to get this picture they are just dragging a plank behind to even the ground for rice

4.This is our house and garden very colorful I know ha it stands out a little cause the houses around are center blocks and rusting tin roofs. I have no Idea what grows in this garden but Elder Viloria will cut things out of it and cook from time to time but there are squash starting to come also.

5.This last one is a picture with Elder Seth Christensen back from the MTC. He is Michael Turpins nephew we were on the same floor and came to be pretty good friends because we both went to USU



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