Weekly Letter 11-12-2012

The work is continuing to progress here in Nasugbu. At times I feel overwhelmed to think that me and Elder Viloria are fully responsible for this branch and this area. But we continue to work and we continue to experience succuess its the same thing I always tell brother Tindugan (the less active I sent a picture of in one of the past emails) conte-conte or little by little. As we do a little bit by bit everyday its awesome to see how much work we can accomplish by the end of the week. Me and Elder Viloria decided last night on a goal that every week for the rest of the transfer we going to be above average elders and have 30 plus lessons. Sometimes its hard to walk out of a lesson say our goodbyes and do our fast paced missionary walk to the next lesson. At the end of every day during daily planning when I sit down I can barely keep my eyes open. Funny story the first week on the mission if you look at my daily planner some of the notes only got half wrote and then turn into scribbles because i dozed off. But im getting more and more adjusted. Actually another story having to do with sleep is that the rats that live in our ceiling and our litterally the size of a football almost were up all night as was I listening to them chew on wood and scuffle around ugh. My ear plugs always fall out ha.


So this week was my week for cooking. I really am not that good and cooking and its surprising on what a picky eater Elder Viloria is. He will bite the head right off a fish but he wont eat the skins on a potatoe. Thats ok the hot dogs and rice make just a fine meal I even made banana pancakes one morning. This week the couple missionaries over our zone visited to observe our apartment and things. The Couple missionaries are Elder and Sister Wagner they are from Sandy, UT. Anyway they said we are doing great and are very clean missionaries. Mom no worries I absorbed many of the things you taught me about cleanliness even Elder Viloria said your house must be very clean always cause your things are always tidy something like that at least.

As for this week on Saturday we did a service project theres a family thats building a new house they live up in the mountains. So a previous service project to branch did was take cement center blocks up the hill to there home. This time for the project we packed bags full of cement up the maybe half mile trail it was pretty intense. But they have already started putting walls up now it was really ineresting to see how they construct homes and stuff here its completely different than I have ever seen ha. At the Service project I tried sugar can for the first time. Its actually super good it tastes a little fruity even. Better than sugar beets in my opinion ha.

In one of our lessons last night we taught a less active about enduring to the end. It wasnt even planned but with in the last week me and Elder Viloria have been jokingly trying to repeat the words of apostle Jeffrey R. Holland as boldly as he says them “Salvation is not a cheap experience” It came to a point in the lesson where Elder Viloria remembered those words and shared them. I suddenly got a deeper under standing that the path less traveled isnt going to be easy but its going to be an opportunity for us to ask and receive strength from the lord. On the mission I truly have received both spiritual and physical strength from Heavenly Father I know he loves us and is just waiting to bless us when we ask. Have a good week Love you all.


Elder Polatis


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