Weekly Letter 11-7-2012

Dear Family.

Its great to hear from you and find out whats going on each week. This week was another solid week for us missionaries and no interruptions. Transfer day was this week but we dont go to that cause its far and only the missionaries that they call up go to that meeting. It is crazy in some ways to think I finished one transfer already im over 1/8 done with my mission which makes me think i better pick it up a gear theres not as much left as I think. I am sad to say I dont have any new foods to put on the list from this week other than quail eggs ha.
I know your all asking about my companion still sorry we dont have a whole lot of pictures together but I will make sure we start getting some more. Hes been telling me hes sad cause hes probably going to get transferred out of this area right before christmas cause december 14 is the next transfer. A little bit about him is that his whole family are converts when he was 10 years old or close to that age. His older brother also served in this mission and was an AP. He is 24 years old and has already finished college and is a physics teacher. Its crazy cause here they finish high school at 16 years of age so they can be done with college by 20 or 21 bata pa. Hes really organized actually hes made our area book nice and pretty. Hes also super good at remembering peoples names and whos related to who. I just all confused about that cause sometimes I wont catch things like that when people are talking and so we make a pretty good team. I actually have a hard time being being the harder worker sometimes haha.
So theres this family that is less active and lives really far from the church when we visited them this week they told us about how all there family has been getting sick lately and the fathers business is going to get closed down this month. It was really a hard situation and Elder Viloria left it to me to give them advice about there hardships I tried to apply it to the stories I have been reading in the book of mormon lately particularly about the nephites and lamanites that whenever the lord helped them or took them out of bondage was when they faithfully asked for his help and then did all they could to do. I left the lesson a little bit discouraged it was probably one of the hardest teaching situations so far. But then yesterday the whole family showed up to church. I could see they were taking my advice and excercising faith. The only thing I can do now is pray that Heavenly Father will bless them for there efforts.
Last night we went to Family Home Evening at the Felicisimo families house. The Felicisimo family is a recent convert just about a month before I got here. Its really interesting cause they actually live very far away a Tali Beach (maybe you can see on google how far away that is). But they have not missed one sunday yet in my whole time of being here. They wanted to do everything they can to be a “mormon” the lifestyle and everything. Its crazy how easily I see them taking it in. Anyway so family home evening is kinda different than I ever experienced before but very organized also. Since we were going to kind of show them how to have there own FHE it ended up that a lot of the members and branch missionaries came also. It was really fun because they live up in the mountains so we had to hike part of the way up there after riding a tricyle up there.
This family is just one great example of how much a blessing to gospel is to families. I dont think I really understand this concept because I was raised in the gospel. But really when I look at this branch everyone is like first generation members. They see it as a big deal that I was “born in the covenant” it just really goes to show how much we need to appreciate the gospel in our lives and the blessings we receive from living it.
Love you all
Elder Polatis
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