Happy Thanksgiving Letter Sent 11-26-2012

Happy Thanksgiving,


I was thinking about thanksgiving these week and I couldnt even remember if it was the 24 or 25. Its funny cause everyone here knows that we celebrate it in america and have asked questions about it. They think it odd that we eat turkey cause for some reason turkey meat is illegal to sell here. Even though our neighbors have a bunch of turkeys that walk all over the road I dont know what they do with them. Anyway though I still celebrated thanksgiving here. I bought a can of pringles and a snickers bar (Both of which are pretty expensive here) it was delicious. It sounds like everyone enjoyed it there and are getting excited for christmas now. The richer parts of town here have been celebrating christmas for months now they still put up lights and fake trees and everything. From what I have heard about the celebration is they actually dont give out gifts or anything. On Christmas Eve they just eat a lot of food and christmas day they eat all the left overs ha. So I am preparing for a lot of dinner invitations ha. I am also mentally and physically preparing myself for Balot (the have formed duck embryo) I think I will try it this week cause they are having a fiesta similar to the what the fair is like for us this weekend.


As for the work we went on splits this week because we had two priesthood holders working on the same day. So by the end of the week we had 34 lessons. I dont really know if thats super good or not because this is only my first area and I havent ever seen the numbers of any other missionaries but when I talked to the zone leaders today on the phone they acted as if it was good. So I am proud that we are doing well with that. I am also glad that its not my turn to cook this week haha. We both hate it when its are turn to cook all we really know how to do is steam vegatables and fry meat haha super simple tastes good but probably not very healthy.


This upcoming week Elder Ardern from the first quorum of the seventy is coming to the mission so on Thursday I will meet him. We are also presenting the plan for how the Nasugbu area is going to be split up to add another set of missionaries. Im really excited and hope that it happens before I get transferred. The only thing is I think they are going to jam four of us in the apartment we have for now and switch housing later after were settled. That would be really hard to be living so close. We had a baptism scheduled next week for the 8th of December but she canceled on us now so are next planned one is on the 15th his names Angelo 17 years old. Its been really good because the first time he came to church I was hoping he wouldnt think its boring or want to leave. Instead he was actually warmly accepted by the youth and has been playing basketball with them at the church. Honestly the biggest enticement about the church here is that we have a way nice basketball court outside ha Saturday nights are packed. Its funny cause the guys here will make little basketball courts here on dirt and then nail a board to a baluktot (crooked) tree and play for hours.


So right now as a mission we have been reading through the Book of Mormon everyone is supposed to be reading 2 chapters a day. RIght now I just started Helaman. I think I will finish by January. Anyway when I first got here President gave us each a brand new clean Book of Mormon and as we read we are to highlight anything that has to do with repentance and than the next time we start reading there will be a new topic and a new Book so by the end of my mission I will have a library. I have really enjoyed reading and I have developed a strong testimony of it. I dont feel like I ever understood it like I do now. Its amazing what you gain when you read with purpose. Im finding out that as I work in anything I do there needs to be a purpose. If I set a goal or an expectation first pray and ask the lord for help its amazing how much more we can accomplish. I know the lords aware of each of us and our desires. I have felt his love for each of the people here in Nasugbu and I know he cares about them.


Christmas Soon!! I will let you know about how I will be able to call when I find out.



Elder Polatis

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