Letter 11-19-2012

So today we went with the branch missionaries to Tali Beach. We have to ride a tricycle through a bunch of mountains and up hills the motorcycle can barely climb when theres seven of us on one. Theres a member that lives up there and so we organized a kind of activity for P-day it was really nice and once again I have a sunburn.

So this morning we got a big call from the office elders they were asking if we can fit another set of elders in our apartment. Because they are splitting the Nasugbu branch into two parts. We are in charge of organizing a plan for where we will put the borders and discuss it with the branch president and then present it later this week at mission conference. President Arrden of the 1st quorum of the seventy is coming for it on the 29th of November. Its crazy I never realized what kind of responsibilities missionaries have. And really we alone are responsible for this whole city. Really though as a I think about it splitting the Branch really would make the work continue to grow at a rapid pace. Because then a lot more focus could be turned toward investigators. There are plenty of people here ready to accept our message we just have so much work with less actives and things we dont have time.

Because we went on this activity today I dont have as much time as usual because we got back later than expected. But I still have pictures for you all. Really time is starting to go faster and faster all the time. Its almost like a blur when we sit down to count our numbers at the end of the week I cant remember anything. One thing that was disappointing this week was that Bert the investigator that I talked about last week, we werent able to teach him once this week cause he was always drunk and the sunday morning he had a hangover. We havent got to the point to be able to teach Word of Wisdom yet but we will soon. One of our other investigators that has been saying he will come to church for a a long time finally did come and lots of less actives came also. Sunday is like the time I measure our success during the week. I know its not the only way to measure how people are progressing in the gospel but its a visual way.

I bought a hammock this week. But really walang oras to relax in it yet were always go go go and now were two weeks behind on cleaning because we have used our P-day to do other things. The weather is so so hot here and they say it just gets hotter. I dont think I ever quit sweating ever since I got here. Of course the Language still continues to come slowly but I literally use all my free time to language study.

Each day as I continue to study in scriptures and preach my gospel and every thing I realize more and more theres so much I dont know. At the same time its little simple things and then I think to myself hmm did I make the best use of my time in seminary? ha I know I had many opportunities to learn as a grew up and lots of times I looked past them. Even outside of the gospel there are many things that I could have learned. Im really trying to focus on using my time effectiently every day and doing my part. I know that the lord will do that other part for me.


Elder Polatis

Starfish are blue not pink like Patrick

Starfish are blue not pink like Patrick


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