Weekly Email 12-11-2012



So since many of you replied back to the story about Nanay Vilaveri coming back to church I will first let you know she did come on sunday and we were able to report one returned member to the mission home. As for one of our investigators who was supposed to be baptized on the 21 he didnt come to church so we are continuing to teach him and develop his faith. This week marks the end of my training we finished our 12 week training program booklet that we have been going through together in companionship study. I also went on splits this week with the district leader Elder Silvoza. Elder Silvoza is a very good missionary hes 27 and the only member of his family. He has an interesting story he used to be like one of the first assistants to a priest in the Catholic Church and almost became a priest himself. And then he found the true church! Talaga.


This week has been very good and it marks maybe the last week of me and Elder Viloria together as a companionship. Hes at 4 and a half months here so theres a chance he could get transferred and then at the same time sometimes they stay for six months in an area so we will see. He really wants to stay here and spend christmas here. That would be really nice if he did get to cause it seems like it would be hard to be in a brand new area where you dont know anyone for christmas. We already have our dinner schedule all set up for the holidays pretty much ha. I told brother Panga that I will bring the mashed potatoes on christmas day cause thats who we have planned on that day. So speaking of food and considering im hungry I will tell you about a restaurant they have here thats called Mang Inasal I put it in the heading by the way. So you go there and you can get different kinds of chicken or pork rotissery cooked and the rice is unlimited and they have really good seasonings. Its Masarp!


I cant believe after the holidays I will be 1/4 done with my mission already its flown by and getting faster. The harder I work the better it gets and the faster it goes. I really felt the spirit strongly when we listened to the christmas devotional last night. If you havent watched it yet…Dapat kayo! After word I started thinking about all the people we have been teaching that I wish would have been there to listen to a true prophet. I know heavenly father has given us his messengers on earth (First presidency) and that we need to apply there teachings into our life daily and especially for christmas. Im excited for christmas by the way make sure you know how to skype or have a webcam and everything I will let you know when next week.



Elder Polatis


Here are the Pictures this week…


So right now they have started harvesting sugar cane. And yeah they harvest it by hand cutting it down and laying it in bundles on the ground just the the bible story of Ruth with the grain. They are crazy it seems like there would be an easier way pero hardworking naman.

So this is Nanay Cargado she has been a member for about ten years now Tatay isnt a member though just here and that is Denmark her grandson we just started teaching him a week ago now. Nanay Cargado is very cool she always feeds us and we teach her short lessons sometimes because she has very bad eyes and cant read the Book of Mormon. I have never seen her without those glasses on


Nanay Cargado



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