Weekly Email Sent 12-17-2012 Dulo ng Mundo

Maligayang Pasko,

There are two ends of the earth Hoff Road and Nasugbu, Philippines. So this week I have a lot to tell actually hopefully it all makes sense as I type it out. So turns out Elder Viloria did not get transferred and we will still be companions until January 25th which means he will spend 6 months and and I will also spend six months her because someone will need to train the next missionary that comes into this area. Also I was very excited to get your packages this week already it only took three weeks which is crazy I really wasnt expecting it till after christmas. At the same time it all depends on when the zone leaders end up going to the mission home for zone conference. So yeah I have it all and im waiting for christmas to open the wrapped presents but I did open the box. That was really nice of you to think of my companion also during christmas I would have felt really bad if I woke up christmas and opened all my things and he had nothing to do. I actually havent even showed him yet that he has presents also. So it will be a surprise.

So yester me and Elder Viloria were the speakers for church my topic was actually from the september Liahona. How to share the gospel to our friends through our example but thats not the most exciting thing about it. When I was up presenting my talk I had just started when out of the corner of my eye I saw that there were some late comers to church which isnt out of the ordinary especially in the Philippines but the late ones was the mission president and his wife. It was funny because everyone who was paying attention to me as the speaker and even everyone who wasnt like sleeping or playing on there phones stopped and stared at President and his wife while they walked to the front. I just kept talking the whole time and continued with the speech. The good thing is President only knows a very little Tagalog so he couldnt understand it anyway whether I was a good or bad speaker. But he told me that it was very good afterward and was very impressed with my Tagalog. The other news was that accompanying president was two brand new mission couple who are from Rexburg. There last name is Smith. So I got to meet them. So church was really good yesterday. This is also the reason I started with Nasugbu is the other end of the earth because. President had to wake up at 4 and our area is the farthest to this side.

We also got another returned member Nanay Militar. Nanay doesnt even have enough money to pay for the fair to church even 10 pisos so she walks. She also has had health problems the last little while so we were glad that she has been able to come to church the last month. One less active we havent been able to have much success with though is Brother Hipolito. We have been teaching him once a week ever since I got here. He came to church once during general conference. But we didnt ever see him cause he was late. Anyway hes maybe 30 years old his wife isnt a member and they have a baby that they named Nephi. Yesterday we visited him after not coming to church and he was telling us that because the last few days were low tide we didnt have anywork because right now hes working on a fishing boat. So he was saying that they dont have any food right now and he doesnt know when hes going back to work. Our original plan was to teach Word of Wisdom because a couple weeks ago we caught him smoking. But because that might have just added to his worries and problems right now we decided that we wouldnt teach him that this time. Instead we relayed to him the message that President Peterson gave in sacrament meeting let him know that he missed out and focused on what we need to do to receive blessings. As it says in Ether 12 “Miracles come AFTER the trial of your faith”

So as for next week christmas Im thinking i will call christmas morning here which will actually end up being christmas day over there. But im not quite sure yet next P-day(christmas eve) I will let you know what our schedule is and the plan I am going to call on skype.

I love you all,

Elder Polatis

P.S. Enjoy the Pictures

Nanay Impang who actually does my laundry gave me and Elder Viloria these shells. She said she gave me the Big one because its american size the other is a philipino






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