Weekly email December 23 2012

 So despite no snow and yet no coldness christmas continues to get closer and before I know it it will be over. I cant really accept the fact that its christmas time because I havent heard the usual christmas music and just cause theres none of those normal traditions. But its still a happy time all the little kids yell Merry christmas at us as we walk down the streets and our dinner schedule is jammed full. I actually think Elder Viloria overscheduled our appointments. Im gunna be stuffed ha. So earlier today for P-day President Manuel and me and Elder Viloria went for a pasyal. Which translates into going for a walk but it means something different I dont know you could say we went hiking. We went to a really nice white sand beach and walked for a while then took a trail up into the mountains kind of then we wound back down to the beach and back it was actually really nice because its actually hard to find a white sand beach like that. And the weather was a little bit cloudy so it made it not to xtremely hot.

This week has actually been really busy for us we had Zone christmas party on Thursday and since its so far away Wednesday night we traveled to another elders apartment and slept in there home that night. Than at zone christmas party half of it was the normal teaching and presentation and the other half we played games and actually had a present exchange. I think mine came from a sister Elder because it was a strawberry scented candle and a mickey mouse piggy bank hmm. I saw Sister Anderson at Zone Conference also and she said hi from you to me there. She just got here a week and half ago and is on one of the islands for her area.
One more thing that made us so busy was that we had a Branch christmas party. They went all out they had a big sound system and played games with the kids ate food almost every single auxillary had to do a presentation actually. It was a 6 hour christmas party 4pm to 10pm. Its really interesting to see how differently the church functions here ha. In a way its not very organized yet. But its like Elder Ardern said a couple of weeks ago. The Church has only been established in the Philippines for 50 years and and its almost 200 years in america so have more patience with them. Its crazy to think about that even to just think of all the places the church has been able to go in that little amount of time both in the Philippines and in the whole world. I know that people can see something different in the church everyone knows who the mormons are. Are trick is showing them that whats different is the truth. We had a lot of finding opportunities through the christmas party I will talk to you all christmas eve around 9 o’clock your time. Until then!!
Elder Polatis


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