Weekly email December 30, 2012

Good morning 🙂 Well we have kinda a different schedule today because theres a curfew at 6pm tonight that we have to be at our apartments instead of going proselyting. So im emailing you first thing this morning. I can tell this will be unexpected because I already noticed that no one has had the opportunity to write me yet…sayang. Thats ok well I will let you know how the holidays have been here. Mahirap which means difficult. Everyone punted us. In the Philippines missions when you get denied at your appoints or they say oh next time na lang we call it getting punted. We got a lot of punts talaga. Its kinda different because they dont really celebrate christmas on a specific day here from DEC 24 until the 1st of JAN they kinda just have little get togethers and eat a lot of food. But we kept working anyway and last and striving for our goal.

Last night we got done with our dinner appointment at 8 o’clock and had an hour to get one more lesson to meet our 25 lesson goal. Wherever we went we couldnt get in and finally we remembered a less active that lives pretty close to our apartment so we went there and she wasnt busy at all. Previously its been really hard to get her to let us share a message. But really what had made her so accepting is that a few days earlier the branch missionaries had gone caroling to her. Our lesson was completely different from all the other previous lessons because she actually had an open heart a desire. It really helps when we get the cooperation of the branch with little things like that. It reminds me of a scripture I have been sharing with a lot of less actives lately in Alma 37:6-7. By small and simple things are great things brought to pass. I like to share this because the majority of less actives here open up and let us now about all there problems there are facing. But they wont show even a little bit of faith by reading the reading assignment we leave or come to church. Its a struggle to show them they can get help but not until they do there part.

We do have one Family thats progressing right now though. They were one of the three lessons we were able to get into on christmas day. Everytime we teach them is a great experience because you can feel the desire they have to learn about the gospel last time we were there the mother started crying actually so hopefully we can get them committed soon and keep building on there faith.

I am really finding out from all these experiences that really Heavenly Father is just waiting to help us find our way give us guidance and show us how to truly become happy. But what hes waiting for is small and simple acts of faith or kindness. I started reading from the start of the Book of Mormon the day I got to the Philippines and I just finished it this week. I have never read the Book of Mormon like I have been the last few months I was truly searching for answers to all the questions people were asking me and i found the answers they are there and really its laid out so simply for us. I have a strong testimony that the Book of Mormon was written specifically to become the key of the restoration. We as missionaries we not be able to teach any of these doctrines with out it. Happy new year and set some strong goals


Elder Polatis

This is our christmas morning elder Viloria made a christmas tree to put our presents under




I baptized the little girl in this picture last week. Her parents our members but her dad is working overseas right now so he wasnt able to baptize her so she asked me to. Also the other one is more christmas




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