Weekly email Jan 2, 2012 – Kawawa sa wawa

Well Im glad to see you all were able to write me this week thats a big surprise to here about Juan’s mom and its good you were all able to help them out. Well today for P-day we spent the time in the zone leaders area for zone P-day we went to a beach resort and played some beach volleyball and other games. Its nice to just get together with everyone else and find out whats happening within the mission since the zone leaders live 2 hours away we had to get up at 4:30 this morning. I think my mission might be the most sleep deprived two years of my life. But im hoping since the new apartment we found and might be moving into this week is more in subdivision type area and a little richer neighborhood I wont have a rooster waking me up at 4 every day. The new apartment is actually really nice though and were excited for a bigger house.


This week we had our first convert baptism. His name is Arjay and hes 14 years old his older brother is a member and getting ready to put mission papers in. But they are the only two members of the family. We have been trying to get there parents to come to church with him and join the lessons but they are a little hard headed. Maybe thats why it says so many times in the scriptures become humble as a little child. They need to be more like there children ha but now that hes baptized were going to turn our focus and work with them.


Interesting story about them I just remembered this week. They actually live way up in the mountains in this little village on a hill. We usually ride a tricycle up there to visit them. So we went up there the day before his baptism to get his parents signature and have all the papers ready. And then we ended up staying and eating dinner with them. By the time we finished it was late and time to go back to our apartment. But by this time there very few tricycles going back to town so we waited on the side of the road to get a ride but it never came all the members with a vehicle that we could think of either didnt answer or said they were out of gas or something so at 9 o clock at night when we were supposed to be in our apartment we started walking through the mountains. After maybe 4 or 5 miles up and down a tricycle finally came by and we got back to our apartment about 10:30 at first I was all stressed out about the situation but after we started walking it was actually pretty enjoyable to be up in the mountains with fresh air finally.


Other than that the only other news I can think of and have time to tell you about is that we had zone interviews with President Peterson this week and at the same time the AP’s and ZL’s have workshops. Our focus on the mission right now is about teaching doctrines. Doctrines are the simple unchanging truths of the church that are the basis of everything we teach. If we think about it every question we ever have links back to a doctrine like the godhead or priesthood. The church of Jesus Christ is truly gods church of order I have come to find. Even way over here in the Philippines the church is the same we have perfect organization (at least the church does maybe not the people with in it. Because the church is new here we actually lack a lot of organization from the members.) Im glad to be a member and be called to serve in the Philippines. The opportunity to learn a new language and culture has been an opportunity for me to really find out how to seek help from heavenly father and open my eyes. Im doing great here and am working hard. Until next week.



Elder Polatis


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