Weekly Letter 1-14-2013

Magandang gabi

So im coming up on 6th months already in the mission field and now that Brittany’s departure date is moved back I hit six months before she leaves so I will be back in Idaho not before her thats still crazy. The weeks been good still havent moved into our new apartment were waiting on the payment from the mission home to get here before we can move in. Elder Viloria doesnt even want to move now ha hes coming up on 6 months here so guarunteed hes gunna be transferred transfer day is on the 25th so by the time we move hes leaving anyway. But thats ok the ward already said they would help and the Relief Society even said they are gunna clean the apartment for us before we move in. I decided when I get transferred in the future the first ones I will make friends with is the Relief Society. They do the laundry for us they are the ones that cook and give dinner appointments plus they are the best fellowshippers. Of course we make friends with them all.


We have actually been getting a little bit more help from the branch this last week. There efforts really show when they help us out. All the investigators/less-actives that came to church this last week were people that have been fellowshipped by the branch and all those who havent been fellowshipped didnt. We actually had an area presidency message here for the Philippines they have set out specific goals that they are trying to reach. The presidency gave different numbers for how close we came to reaching our goals last year but they are really saying that they need members help. Last year one of the goals was for each member to rescue a less active. If this happened it means the the weekly church attendance in the Philippines would double from 120000 to 240000 but they didnt quite make it.


This week we did make some changes though that President Peterson told us we need to start doing from zone interviews. So I told you in the past that we never ever go tracting well supposedly we are supposed to but he says a problem he finds sometimes in Philipinos is they are to shy. So we started tracting 2 hours a day last week. We not only found a lot more investigators but we found more less-actives than we ever have before just from people saying “oh I know a mormon they live over there” and come to find out they are on the membership list and havent been to church for 5 or 6 years. Thats whats hard about the work we have records of people but we dont know the address. The closest thing to an address here is people live in different Baranguays which is just a small section of the city so the city of Nasugbu is seperated into like 15 different baranguays.

Anyway theres a lot of different things I can tell you about the Philippines but I want to tell you about this dream of one of our new investigators this week. Her name is mae and shes 30 years old. She is like a maid for one of the members who referred her to us. In her dream she was standing between two churches the Catholic church and the Mormon Church. WHen she looked toward the catholic church no one was there and it was dark and when she looked at the mormons there were all these people greeting her. Its a crazy dream talaga whats even crazier is she had this dream before she was the househelp for the members and she has never had a lot of contact with mormons or anything she just knows it as another religion. We have taught her twice now and she even accepted the baptism date for the 16th of February already. She has concerns about her past life and says she really wants a change. These are the people I have been praying that heavenly father will prepare for us to teach. They are not all this easy. Of course its not particularly easy but she accepts the message is what I mean by easy.



Elder Polatis


P.S. Grandma I got your package thank you very much for thinking of me during christmas 🙂



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