Weekly E-mail 1-27-2013

Well it looks like your all seeing that I’m on early again its just easy for our schedule to email before we go shopping in the morning. So sorry if it doesn’t work for your schedule. Anyway a lot of changes this week. First off I will tell you the big news first I expected to go to transfer meeting and come back with my follow-up trainer but nope instead I’m the trainer. He just barely came from the MTC and beacuse they only spend 19 days in the MTC hes still in his first month of the mission. Not only that but hes the very first 18 year old to go through the MTC he doesn’t turn 19 until may 24. So we got a lot of work ahead of us but at least he can speak Tagalog. His name is Elder Villador which is really close to the name of my last companion Elder Viloria. Its good though cause he at least has a sense of humor and I think we have a little more in common than my last companion. So thats number one challenge right now. He is a little homesick though I can tell but everyone needs time to adjust to missionary work its busy.

So Lately we have been teaching a 17 year old boy who is the son of a less-active that hasn’t been to church in 10 years. She not inerested in returning to church but her son sure is. Hes an honor student and top in his class. He is so crazy smart I think he has read the bible all the way through which I haven’t even don’t he said though other day hes not going to stop reading the book of mormon until he understands it. When we first met him three weeks ago he said unfortunately hes never met is biological father but he prays every night that someday he will. Well guess what last week he saw him they didn’t talk but he saw him for the first time. Hes trying to really figure out his life. The other day he told me in English he has a lot of HATERS. Because hes so smart I think his class mates are pretty mean to him and hes super nervous to come to church cause I think hes scared hes gunna get bullied. Were just trying to help him take all these things he knows and turn it in to faith and trust. One example of how he acts for himself is that before he was going to the catholic church and then he read in the bible not to worship false idols…he understood it and applied it in his life he understands that the catholic doctrines are wrong.

Anyway Elder Viloria got transferred to Baco, Mindoro one of the islands hes now a trainer of an american again hes reopening the area and hes district leader so when I think I have a lot on my plate I think about how much he has to do. The works going good and i’m excited for a fun transfer ahead of me. Well let me know whats been going on the last little while.


Elder Polatis




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