Weekly E-mail Feb 4, 2013: Sobrang laki and simbahan

It sounds like everyone is busy and has a lot of things going on right now at home. Same story in the Philippines everyones busy and doesnt have time right now. Ha I here that line so many times but its ok because we teach them anyway when they turn us down. Sometimes I pretend I dont understand when people deny us or say no and I give them a pamphlet and say “Im glad your so inerested in our message and we will come back soon to answer your questions.” Its actually fun being a foreigner here in the philippines especially if you can find a sense of humor in the people. Im going on my last transfer here in Nasugbu when I get transferred I will have been here for 6 months in the philippines it crazy to think Im 1/4 done already its going fast and I feel like theres still a lot to get done before that time comes.

Well within the mission its a push. Switching from trainee to trainer is a big jump in taking the lead but were learning quickly and im glad for the experience. This week has been sooooooooo sooooooo soooooooo sweaty hot. Notice I dont say just hot. Its wet hot because of all the humidity. It makes me think of that dry desert wasteland called Idaho. Also if you look outside you probably see cold snow sitting on the trees while I see hot melting pavement ha. But really the Philippines is a great place im glad I get to eat bananas and mangos everyday straight from the trees all that fruit must be keeping me healthy because I havent got any of those weird things the other missionaries have told me about.

So earlier today we had zone P-day we all went to the zone leaders area and went to the Taal catholic church which they told us is the third biggest church in the whole world. Its 400 years old and we walked up this super skinny stair passageway to the top and we could see the whole city up there along with the ocean and much more. It was a good time to get with the other missionaries and see some sites like that. I just have one thing to say “Catholic doctrine is weird and twisted” I have no idea what they are thinking ha. Big falso idols everywhere and creepy paintings. It was an ineresting experience though to see a monstrous building like that though. It was truly the whore of all the earth.

This experience just puts me even more focused on our purpose and training plan within the mission which is to teach doctrine simply and effectively. Theres no deep meaning behind anything and its all written simply in the scriptures. Which makes my job even more easier I dont have to do any deep explanations just say look at this scripture. Scriptures are solid evidence. And like Nephi says “my soul delighteth in plainness.” Im glad we have the Book of Mormon to help us in this work to show people plainly god’s plan. I really wouldnt be able to do this without the Book of Mormon. Im glad I have it to simplify my mission the only thing thats hard about it is explaining to people why its named after mormon. I cant count how many people have asked about mormon they think we worship him but just another opportunity to share. The Book of Mormon has showed me why im here in Nasugbu and what heavenly father has in plan for me. I know he loves us and has a purpose for us wherever we are in the world. I hope you all back home are finding these same things from what your reading.


Elder Polatis

and keep me up to date on everything



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