Weekly email 2-11-2013: Mag-aral nang masigasig

Hey everyone well Nasugbu’s doing good. We found so many new investigators last week its starting to get hard to keep track of all our appointments we have. But its better to have more than enough than not enough. On the 23rd we have two scheduled baptisms for Mae and for Vivian. Sister Mae has a super deep conversion and we actually started to teach her brother yesterday so its been a really good experience. After we taught her brother she bore her testimony that the gospel have changed her life. Shes super excited for her baptism and so are we. So this week one of those new investigators that I was saying we found this week we taught him all of Lesson 1 the Restoration. He was an older man and pretty quiet the whole lesson at the end of the lesson we asked him to give the prayer so we closed our eyes and waited it was taking him a while to start when all of a sudden he said ok im done. He was nervous to say it out loud so he prayed in his head of jeez ha. Also when we got up to leave and shook his hand he said thank you brother Joseph. So yeah that can be taken as a bad example of how to teach lesson 1 he was obviously confused with who Joseph Smith was but it definately isnt me ha. But lack of education is a little problem we face here. A sad story that happened this week was one of our investigators died this week. His mom was a recent convert and we were walking by her house when we saw a banner with his face hanging outside. We were shocked to find out. But its almost weird how people accepted death in the Philippines because its such a common thing from poor health and lots of diseases.



Yesterday at church was really good attendance though we had 10 investigators and even more less-actives there. So the works going good. My new companion really likes basketball so we got a basketball the other day and we have been playing in the morning theres a really nice covered basketball court that the city made really close to us actually. Its a good way to get the blood flowing in the morning so we can study hard. Also the couples missionaries visited us this week. He watched the superbowl so he was telling me about it. He actually mentioned one of the Dodge commercials about how in the 8th day god created the farmer ha he liked sharing that with me. The couples missionaries are really nice Elder and Sister Wagner are from Sandy, UT and they go home in August. Oh how nice it would be to have an Air Conditioned car like them. We are coming up to the hottest part of the year and I enduring hard ha. When we go out in the afternoon the sun just beats down on me and with all the humidity im sweating in less than a minute lol. I think I mentioned this last week also. But im just looking forward to rainy season.


No matter how hard this is I wouldnt change it for anything. Everything I have learned so far has done more than made me a better missionary. It has helped me become more loving. Just like the example of sister Mae the more and more we learn about the gospel the deeper our desire grows to share it. I know thats true because the deeper my testimony has grown while I have been here the more I want to share and harder I want to work. This transfer me and my new companion have really been working hard on “finding with faith” I know that the people we have found was because we showed faith and had desire to share. Everytime I feel overwhelmed with the work heavenly father has made a way. I know that this is Jesus Christs gospel and his church that all he wants us to do is be happy by following his example.


Till next week,

Elder Polatis

picture of me my trainer and my trainers trainer or in mission language my father and grandfather (above)


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