Weekly e-mail 2-18-2012: Huwag kang siret

Dearest Family,

As I started listing all the names in the send to box I start thinking about where everyone is in there life. Brittany clear over in Peru mixed in between all those Latinos and then all those places and memories from back home Utah/Idaho that seems like a dream now. Oh and then me beached up on some island in the…. Is this the Pacific or Atlantic? Well anyway whereever im am no worries im doing good or in other words Hiyahi which is the translation for Hakunamatata. So the Past week came and went the time really speeds up on this mission when your so busy all the time. For the most part it all went good though. We have 2 Investigators the past there baptismal interview on saturday and so they will be baptized this coming saturday. Theres a really big problem in the Philippines with people living together outside of marriage first off because marriage papers are expensive and secondly because divorce is almost impossible. One of the investigators getting baptized has this problem where her past husband split up and now she has a new husband but they arent married because she cant get divorced from her previous husband. The church in the Philippines has had to adapt to the laws of the land and so if a certain couple has been living together for more than 5 years with a stable relationship then they are eligible to be baptized. So were continuing with the baptism. Someday I want to go on an american mission just to see what that is like it cant be close to a mission in the Philippines.

My companion and I are doing good this week we are going to the mission home for training check-up meeting 5 hours there and 5 hours back its a way long trip but going to the mission home is fun Sister Peterson makes a way big meal everytime. As for the area in particular I think this coming march they are going to get some big news that the Nasugbu branch is going to get split in two but im going to be leaving more than likely anyway. This past week I went on splits with another Philipino Elder Manzon it was a good experience and a nice break from training. One thing I learned from the past week here on the mission is that even though I keep working harder and harder its never perfect theres always that shortcoming until the other day I was thinking you know im never going to be perfect as long as im alone…This is what christ did for us he makes up for our shortcomings he has comforted me when I have felt down and I know that he atoned for the sins of the world. I know that one day I will be able to say me and christ are perfect. Well im short on time today and our apartment needs to be terminated for cockroaches I know this is a little short but theres two missionaries our right now so Britty will make up for what I lack. Take care!!!


Elder Polatis


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