Weekly email 2-25-2013: Papuntang sa iba

Well dearest family,

There is so much that happened this week. I will start off with the sad news that one of the sisters who was planned to be baptized on saturday backed out. She texted us one day and the next day she had moved to another city just like that she was gone we didnt even get to talk to her in person about it. In the end though it was because she was offended by the member family who she was working for because they didnt pay her the wages she had earned at the same time the member family told us she was still having Word of Wisdom problems so it was sayang or in other words a sad situation but we did have one baptism and it went really well. I was surprised at how much of her family showed up to support her. Its crazy to see them come out of the water and have that feeling that you had a part in bringing that person to this point in there life especially with all the trials we had to help her through. anyway were glad thats over now and now we move on to the next focus which is actually her mother ha. Another person were focusing on is brother Reden he has smokes four sticks a day and so this coming fast sunday he has the goal that hes going to fast and along with his first time fasting its going to be is last time smoking. So were really working closely with him to encourage him to stop because as soon as he can get rid of that he wants to get baptized.

As for our other experiences this week we have a lot actually. We went on exchanges with the other missionaries and for the first time I worked in a different area. It was weird my whole mission I have been in Nasugbu and for the first time I didnt the know streets or the people we were teaching. I felt like I was brand new in the mission again. But I better start getting used to those feelings because transfer day is on friday and I have been in this area for 6 months. I am really curious what Im going to be doing next and where im going on the islands of the mission everything is super far so they have bicycles there. It would be ineresting having a bicycle in the Philippines. But I have no idea where I will be next. The exchanges were actually really good though I learned a lot. Also my companion learned a lot to and we have been working together a lot better ever since.

Being a missionary is crazy theres so much that goes on in one little branch and keeping track of whos doing what and the little bit of drama that roles around. At the same time the members here are really rooted deep within the gospel and do there best Nasugbu is a big city lots of people and the little ward of 150 active members has a lot of trials to face in there daily lives. I know that it wouldnt be possible without our heavenly fathers help. The same thing applies to my mission I wouldnt be able to do this with out support from heavenly father and Jesus Christ. Its been tough I will tell you the truth every miracle every blessing that heavenly father blesses us with has to be earned. As missionaries we have to push ourselves harder and harder everyday. But on top of that I know with out a doubt that the biggest sacrifice that was ever payed was the atonement of jesus christ. The biggest blessing I have earned on my mission is his love. I know this is his gospel and his church. No matter what trials I have in front of me Im going to press on to the end

Thanks for all your prayers and all your support,

Elder Polatis

The Baptism




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