Weekly email 3-4-2013: Calauag ang bagong lugar ko

Well dearest family a new chapter in my mission begins im in the Calauag area its under the Quezon province if you google it you will see that I went from one end of my mission to the other. The area is awesome and the bishop is the most Jolly person I have met in my whole mission. Its really fun to talk to him actually. Bishop Clark has been the bishop for 9 years and before that he was the branch president for 10 years. So for 19 years he has been in charge of this area. Its a great place and very big. In my last area we had a 7/11 and a Jollibee and one more fast food restaurant here in Calauag theres nothing. But they do have a chapel rather than a meeting house. The Chapel is very ineresting it has two floors. Anyway Calauag is full of happy people one of the older priesthood members probably told me 10 times yesterday that I look like Redford White. The best part is the people are so loving we have a great time. Im still a trainer though but he has been her for one transfer so im just finishing the training. My companions name is Elder Valdez and he is great I have already learned so much from him. The funny thing is I replaced one of the Elder Boyd in this area we both came to the Philippines at the same time. So we know each other really well.

We have some really good investigators here. The coolest experience so far is the one of our investigators who we havent even taught the Word of Wisdom to yet but he already told us hes going to stop selling cigarettes and coffee from the store he owns because he knows its not allowed in our church. Its really crazy to see how willing people are to make such big changes in there life for our heavenly father. So we our actually a little short on time cause we have an appointment coming up so I will let you know all about Calauag next week other than that enjoy the pictures and I love you all.

Elder Polatis

Heres me and Elder Valdez riding on the tracks and also me at a little housing development.




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