Weekly e-mail 3-10-2013: Hanapin ang mayaman

Dearest Family,

Calauag is awesome it reminds me slightly of home. Its just a little down established here on the railroad theres actually some areas here that are only accessible by the rail road. So its fun riding trollies up and down the rails from appointment. Which in the end costs 10 pesos or in dollars almost a quarter. The people in Calauag are a little more secluded then they were in Nasugbu therefore it is more of a rare sight for them to see a foreigner. The place is great though and the peaceful walks through the hilly fields are fun. Me and Elder Valdez have done a lot of great things and next week I think were going to start teaching a english class once a week as a finding idea. I think I mentioned here that our bishop is a super Jolly guy and we have a lot more coordination with him they we had in Nasugbu. Our house here is actually really big we have 3 bathrooms one is mine one is Elder Valdez and one is haunted really its kind of seems like Draculas castle sometimes because all the walls are tiles and its got some weird pillars and then the lights. Also we have a rat problem. Were making a plan to catch him though. Other than that I dont know what else to say. In the morning we go jogging along the beach. Sounds like a dream right ha.

So me and Elder Valdez are hoping that we both end up staying in this area for awhile at least till May because his birthday is only five days before mine on the 30th. So hopefully the members throw us a party lol. Were actually really close with the members here even though hes only been here a month and me a week.

So we are getting excited to harvest here in Calauag we just need to resolve some concerns like have a wedding which Bishop Clark is helping us with. I think were going to hold a mass wedding and have 4 couples married at once. Thats one problem in the Philippines its net really looked down upon in this cultural to just move in with somebody. Right now we have some really cool investigators one of them has only had a book of mormon for a week and a half and is already in Mosiah despite the fact that he only has a fourth grade education and cant read very fast. Whats even cooler is that he really understands he tells us about it also. last night we taught him and stop to ask if he had any questions. I think we waited for almost 3 full minutes without him saying anything and then he said I dont have any questions we knew that we could testify to him he understands our lessons and the scriptures because the spirit enlightens him and helps him. Its funny to because he gave us a referral to teach his neighbor and now they are racing to see who can finish the book of mormon first. I dont know where these investigators came from but Im grateful that I was called here to teach them. I know that the spirit helps us understand the truthfulness of the gospel and that If we are truly seeking heavenly father will help. As long as we bear with patience our afflictions. Thus ended the reign of the judges. Amen.

Love you all,
Elder Polatis 🙂

By the way to all of you if you send a package one of the best things I can think of is small little wall pictures of book of mormon stories and prophets, temples, first vision, etc. Our investigators and members love it. Its the coolest thing to walk up to a little shed in the middle of a rice field and see a picture of Nephi or Jesus Christ on the door

This area is actually really nice im glad to be out of the clustered city in Nasugbu. As you can see from the scenary theres also a lot of wildlife. One of our investigators has a pet snake in a bucket. He said its poisonous but you can see where he took pliers and removed the fangs. Also this is Elder Valdez hes a funny kid, great companion siya









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