Weekly e-mail 3-18-2013:Pagbutihan ninyo

Well dearest family I write to you on this scorching hot summer day in the Philippines. I know I have told you before about the weather but I figure its worth mentioning as a drop of sweat just fell from my face. Dont worry Im drinking water like a Camel. Other than that the work is awesome. Me and Elder Valdez are the best missionaries in all of San Pablo well maybe I shouldnt boast about us but if you are familiar with Alma in chapter 26 we “dont boast of ourselves but in our god. For in him we can do all things.” the scripture goes something like that ha. We have a really good time and Calauag is a great area. Im grateful the lord sent me here. We were supposed to have a baptism on Saturday but sister Maricar ended up relapsing on coffee so we pushed it back a week. She felt really bad when she came out of the baptismal interview. But she says it was tears of joy. Shes still really strong though and is looking forward to her baptism. We are also still trying to get the marriage worked out with Tatay Crisanto he actually got married by the mayor but his wife was only 15 at the time which makes it unofficial on church records so at this particular time we are working with 6 couples who need to get married so in the next few weeks we are going to have a mass wedding. The bishop here is great we really enjoy working through him and hes helping us a lot with trying to figure out the papers and different requirements for marriage where neither of us know a whole lot about how the government works here.

But rather than go on about things that happened I want to introduce you to some of our new investigators.

First we met Brother and Sister Angelo and Dona this week. They have been together for 3 years (not yet legally married) we met them at a little roadside store and Brother Angelo is a tricycle driver he actually knows us because we have rode in his tricycle a few times but this was the first time to share so we went to the appointment and he didnt know where his wife was but we taught him anyways. He is one of the most humble people I have ever met and I almost immediately developed a love for him. As we sat down in his one room dirt floor home he told us about how three years ago he built his house all by himself and back them they borrowed dishes from the numbers. He then opened his arms and said look what I have now. In his eyes he was rich and even blessed he said. I really hope and pray for him to search our message.

Besides that theres not a whole lot i can say but that “WE ARE FIXED IN OUR MINDS WITH A DETERMINED RESOLUTION” (Alma 47:12) We go out each day remembering whose work this is and that we are not alone. This week I will tell you something i changed when I bear my testimony instead of saying “I know the church of Jesus Christ is true” I tell them the “Church of Jesus Christ is true” because it is. I know that god helps us through our trials and that he is mindful of us. I promise that he answers prayers. After all that we go through in our trials we are better than before. I love you all have a great week.

Elder Polatis

P.S. in the picture I sent that is our monster hamburgers we got the other day the downside is the burger is thin as a paper anyway it brang me back to remember Rupes BurgersOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



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