Weeklt Letter 3-24-2013: SAKAY TAYO

So what a quick week i lost track of what you know and what you dont. But I figure that I will make up for a short letter with lots of pictures. First off we went to Lucena this week for zone conference. I got a bunch of the dear elder letters you have sent lately thank you very much thats a good update on things going on in the Pre earth life. Going to Zone Conference is for sure always a great experience one of the weird things is seeing people going home because all those going home bear there testimony at the end. Elder a Sister Packer the office couple are even going home next month. But it reminds me to put it into perspective and remember my days are numbered here. The area did have a whole lot of surprises this week were working toward the next couple of weeks with weddings and baptisms coming up.

So We have a rat problem in our apartment Elder and Sister Gines came and fixed all the holes in our window screens last week thinking that would fix it but the very next night he chewed a new hole in a metal screen. We see him from time to time and he looks like a species of cat with how big he is. So we got some rat poison and because the bag was pretty good sized I put half of it on a little tray on the floor taped up the bag and set it on the shelf. He not only ate what was on the floor but he climbed up on the shelf and tore open the bag and some how he still lives. They are invincible.

Other than that Angelo who I told you about last week has been working to midnight everynight and we havent got to visit him. But brother Audy our other new investigator is doing great. We do have a little problem with him making commitments though he says that if he makes a committment to us hes also making a commitment with god and that makes him scared. After that we tried to tell him thats a good thing to make a promise to god. Of course hes new to a lot of the things we tell him but whats great is hes reading even though hes super busy. So we just sitting back and watching his conversion steps at a time. The rough thing is also focusing on his wife his house is so small theres no room to sit except the stairs behind us so shes sitting in the background a lot. But we really hope that they can be converted as a family.

This week I have been reading at the end of alma and into helaman it says it talks so much up losing pride and not getting set on riches. In 3 Nephi 13:21 it says “For whereever your treasure is, there will your heart be also” Im not sure all the ways to lay our treasures up in heaven but I know that through our daily actions and always keeping our priorities straight we are preparing for that day when we will stand before Jesus Christ. Even though were just 2 missionaries against the town of Calauag we go out everyday ready to do our part and let heavenly father do the rest. Thanks for everything.

ELDER Polatis

Every morning we go jogging on by the ocean. Its not as relaxing as the sounds because were dodging tricycles and running through fish markets but its an adventure




Even though my eyes are closed heres a quick glimpse of a church in the Philippines




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