Weekly Letter 4-1-2013: Asa ka pa

Well family,

Another week down in the planner right now I have my 6th planner of my mission which means it is the sixth set of six weeks. I dont know why you would be interested in that but its an ineresting fact for missionaries to say how many planners do you have. Anyway something you might be inerested in is the way Philipinos celebrate Easter. There is actually no thing called Easter but they call it Mahal na araw which means the important days. All people do is close there shops and if you are deep rooted catholic its not allowed to walk a lot or really do anything but just sit in your home. Which made it really hard to tract because everyone just wanted to be lazy and not listen to us> If you are a super deep rooted catholic there was a few people that hung themselves on crosses and other people had themselves whipped. They believe that if they go through the same suffering they will be forgiven of sins. Which of course is untrue because the sacrifice for our sins was not a human sacrifice nor was it a sacrifice of food or animal but it was a perfect sacrifice paid for by a perfect person>

So we had a baptism this week of sister Maricar and I will send you some pictures of it in another email if the computer keeps working here right now we its being very slow. We had a lot of eventful experiences this week and also had exchanges with the district leader. It was ineresting and the crazy thing I just thought of was that I have yet to work with an american on my mission yet. There is another american in our district though who is actually from Pocatello (Elder Saunders). Other than that the week has been good. I was thinking when Brittany’s P-day is so that I can also hear whats going on in Peru. Its funny because the things she has mentioned thus far are not a whole lot different than it is here. People talking to you through there windows and even the cat calls. We met an Australian the other day and he said that god told him he needs to go to the Philippines but he didnt know why. He was just full of a lot of non sense he said that he is a prophetic man but hes not a prophet and then he told my companion that there was “something on him” then tried to tell him like his future or something and told him theres something big he needs to think about and that he cant trust his family. Oh it was a lot of nonsense. One thing he said was that our message was bogus because he talked to the mormons in Australia and they had a different story but he couldnt tell us what that story was. This was my first taste of what you would call “Bible Bashing” but it was a good experience all in all to see how in order the church really is and to know that it is the same message whether we are in the Philippines, Peru, or Australia.

One more story that I want to share is about our newest investigator we have a mission goal or minimum that we are to have 4 new investigators. The newest one is named Alfredo he says hes ready to really find out if there is a god and thats why hes listening to us. His wife asks him sometimes is there a god? We have only taught him once but we have a lot of hopes for him. He told us that he felt something different when we talked to him and when we asked if we could come back he said we should come back everyday so he can learn better. Its awesome when you find investigators like that they are just what we call hungry for salita ng diyos(word of god). I know theres a lot of those people out there just waiting just like lost sheep. Its crazy to see that god really plays a part in helping us find them one minute people will people running into there homes when they see the “Mormons” walking down the street toward them and the next you stumble over someone who just wants to know the truth.

Your favorite missionary (Sorry Brittany)
Elder Polatis

P.S. I wish I could get the pictures of the baptism downloaded but its not working next week na lang


Masikip at makitid na daan

I dont usually reaveal what those Tagalog words mean that I always place in the subject but today I will let you know it means the straight and narrow path. Today we all met as a zone and went to some water falls. We had to hike for almost an hour to get in on a path that was not neccassarily straight but it was narrow. The Philippines are awesome.








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