Weely email 4-8-2013: Hayaang baguhin nito and buhay ninyo

Well Family,

I feel as if I was just writing you all yesterday. The week went good me and Elder Valdez made chicken adobo for our district meeting last wednesday. We got haircuts and I cant believe im saying that I know prefer short hair to long hair but thats mostly because short hair is so much cooler. We found a lot of new investigators. Theres one less-active that we found the other day where only the father is a member. He was super active before for almost four years Im not sure why he stopped he didnt open up totally. Part of the problem is that his wife wont ever go with him and so he usually takes a few of his kids but he can barely afford to fair in order to go each week. Hes a fisherman for a living and goes out on the ocean in his little one man boat everyday. the boats here are ineresting they have big long cross beams on them to keep from tipping over. Almost 90 percent of population of men here either drive a tricycle for a living or they are fisherman. Anyway the other day I fasted for him because we can see a lot of potential in there family if we can get him active again and this time the whole family can be going to church together.

Another one of our investigators, who I have mentioned before will be baptized as soon as his marriage papers get done, has thirteen children. We are also focusing on him and his family. One of the main focuses of the San Pablo Mission is “completing families” which means we convert the whole family and not just one or two members. Well his names Crisanto he was in an accident a few months ago and went blind in one eye. Yesterday we in class we taught the investigators about adam and eve and how they had two commandments multiply and replenish the earth and dont eat the forbidden fruit. Then in the next class Bishop Clark was talking about the talents that everyone has. So he asked our investigator what talents he has and so Brother Crisanto thought for a minute and then said well I have 13 children so I guess im good at replenishing the earth. Our investigators our way funny. We have another investigator that we are trying to get him to commit to a baptism date he hes just a funny old man he makes this herbal tea from leaves everyday and swears its the best medicine there is. Many times we have ended up teaching him outside on the side of the street in nothing but his boxers.

One of the most frustrating things the last few weeks is we cant get any appointments at night because everyone is drinking. To be completely honest this is a pretty rough and corrupt city. Next week I will tell you about Brother Boddy who has been an investigator for almost a year now and is fully converted but he cant be baptized yet because he needs permission from the first presidency because he has had a lot of rough background. They robbed banks and he stabbed a lot of people.

Im excited to listen to all the conference reports next week a week behind ha but thats ok Conference will be a great opportunity to teach our investigators about prophets and really see how the lord organizes his church. Earlier today I was reading about how Mormon only wrote a one hundreth part of all of Jesus’s Teachings in America alone because the lord sees it fit to try our faith by not telling us everything but telling us just what we need. Theres lots of things we dont completely understand about and we wont until after our faith has been tested. So for the time being strenghthen your faith for that day when it will be tested.

Elder Polatis



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