Weekly Email 4-14-2013: Maligtas ka na ba?

Well I finally watched conference also conference here was also in Tagalog but they had an english version in the relief society room. So we went in there. As for me and Elder Valdez we only got 2 investigators to come to conference part of the problem was we had to ride a bus thirty minutes to the stake center in Lopez to watch conference and a lot of our investigators were busy but it looks like we got out worked by the sister missionaries in Peru with 10 investigators. Its seems as though me and Brittany are in similar situations with the washing cloths the relief society president here in Calauag actually washes my cloths though. Conference was great it felt really different to sit in a air conditioned room and watch a tv screen though. Its really good to say that wherever you are in the world you can listen to the prophet.

It was transfer week actually this last friday neither on of us were transferred but we got a new zone leader. Right now in the whole zone me and Elder Saunders the missionary from Pocatello are the only americans of about 20 missionaries in the whole zone. Its really a good thing actually it means the church here in the Philippines can support itself because the majority of the missionaries are not foreigners but Filipinos themselves. Speaking of transfer day and things thanks for all of the dear elders you sent I got them all in a the other day. Really at first it seemed yeah Dear Elder is slow but people are always going back and forth from the mission home so it works out just fine.

So far I dont think I have told you to much about where we live in this area. The house we live in is owned by one of the richest men in the town who is a dentist we want to go to his house and tract him but it has a big gate all the way around it. His personal home is huge its crazy how much some people have here and so little others have. Anyway the pad we are renting from him is kind of spooky it looks like a funeral home and is all tiles even the walls with big pillars and chandeliers it kind of seems like Draculas home or something. Anyway it has two bedrooms and three bathrooms so one bathroom never gets used the main room is big also its where we study eat and I even jump rope in the morning. The rat that we had a couple weeks ago I think is dead now.

Right now there is a lot of campaigning going on for mayor and councilors and government things. Its crazy how big campaigning is here. Peoples faces and posters are plastered all over all the buildings and they have big ol vans that drive around with intercom systems that play songs singing vote for Pialo or somethings. Very much different from the way they campaign in the US. Because its summer right now and super hot the power company has been shutting off the power a lot of times at night I dont quite understand why but we ended up doing our end of the day planning under candlelight recently.

The work here keeps pushing on and little by little. My favorite investigator at the time is Tatay Jack who loves to speak english to me. At first we thought though only reason he lets us in is because im american but he really is inerested in learning about the church he is so funny sometimes the way he acts. He says before you know it tomorrow I will be a mormon and he is very attracted to pictures. The works going awesome thanks for your support.

Elder Polatis


 This is Maricar who got baptized a few weeks agoOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




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