Weekly email 4-22-2012: Krisis sa amin

Your emails were all very ineresting it seems as though the worlds falling about in america but at least they caught the terrorists and everything. The work here has been good and continues to progress we had Stake Conference in Lopez so our ward hired a Jeepney to take everyone to the stake center because church was so far away we only got three of our investigators to come with us but it was a good experience. I dont really understand it here with all the languages the higher class people with good education usually know english fairly well and can speak pretty good so one of the members of the Area Presidency came and talked for about 40 minutes hes a really smart guy and was pretty good at speaking but 80 percent of his talk was English so I dont know how much our investigators understood and even the members. They should just speak Tagalog and make it simple but it was a good experience.

The other day we went to go visit one of our investigators who we hope will be able to be baptized this coming saturday the problem was he wasnt at his home he was up in the mountains where he owns a little bit of land and has a little hut so sometimes he even sleeps up there. Since we really needed to teach him we had his little girl show us the way to his land so that we could go up there. It ended up being a big hike up and down the mountains and we were so tired by the time we got up there. But he fed us coconut and the view was awesome.

The other day Elder Valdez did his laundry and hung up all his cloths outside on the terrace. The werent dry yet when night came so he just left them out there. The next morning all his garments were gone two pairs of basketball shorts and his bag. But they left his socks and white shirts. Its crazy all the thiefs here they climbed over our 10 foot gate that has pointed tips at the top just to steal his garments but I let him borrow a few pairs from me and President Peterson sent the office elders to Manila to go buy some new pairs.

Were doing great in the work and we had a good time tracting actually this week hopefully we get a lot of those new investigators to become progressing investigators. Brother Jack one of our investigators right now has been doing really well and just recently got the funding to get his fish ponds back in business. When we taught him the other day about the Word of Wisdom he told us all about how he gave up drinking years ago and that his house is sacred and he doesnt let anyone gamble or drink or anything. So last night we went by his house and him and his business men were so drunk he started telling us how he lied and hes really a drunken master but his house is sacred and he never drinks inside of the house. Oh the people we meet here. Probably the biggest problem is Word of Wisdom because thats what all the men do for entertainment. Its rough but its the mission life. We do hopefully have 2 Investigators getting baptized on saturday though who both overcame Word of Wisdom problems. Theres always hope.

I finished the Book of Mormon again this week as we read our focus was supposed to be on the Atonement. I learned a lot about teaching the atonement to people and strengthening their testimony in jesus christ doesnt just help people receive the power of forgiveness but really the power of the atonement gives people spiritual power to do hard things. It strengthens us in our weaknesses and raises us up to a higher plane of thinking. At times when were teaching people that have the biggest trials in life and things that I have never had to experience I feel inadequate to be able to promise them that they can overcome those things. This is when I remember that the person I represent, Jesus Christ, has experienced those things. I know that this is Christs church and we are all blessed to have the gospel in our lives.

Elder Polatis

hadlang lang

just crossing our next obstacle to reach our next appointment. 🙂





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