Weekly Email 4-29-2013: Makikipagkuwentohan lang

Well dear family,

The week has been swell. As you see in the pictures we finally got brother jessie in the water. Next week should be brother Crisanto and then so on and so on. Were doing really good in to work both me and Elder Valdez got a lot accomplished this week. We went exploring a little bit this week while we were tracting and found some pretty remote little villages. Its truly a tropical jungle here.

Similarily to what Brittany mentioned in her letter we went on a streak committing people for baptism we got 5 people committed for baptism on June 1. One of those people is an older man who sales Balot on the streets for a living. Balot is a boiled duck egg that has already formed an embryo inside. Anyway hes a very ineresting investigator and is and worked for 30 years in Saudia Arabia as a guard. Now hes just retired. We gave him a book of mormon and the next day he said some one stole and he asked for another one.

The other investigator that I like to talk about is Tatay Jack his favorite lesson is Word of Wisdom. He takes the word of wisdom pamphlet with him all over the place and always reads it. Last week we gave him a little banner that we had a print shop that says “come unto me and I will make you fishers of men” then the picture is Jesus Christ in the boat with Simon Peter and Andrew. I really hope these people truly learn to live the gospel in there lives.

Well thanks for the support in all im doing here.

Elder Polatis









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