Weekly email 5-6-2013

Happy Sunday,

Well I got your package last week actually at zone conference and now our apartment is filled with balloons and I know how to make just about every balloon animal there is. By the way mom I still have the same companion dont worry and he was very excited to get presents also. I took pictures but I forgot my camera at the apartment today. The area is doing great we have gotten really good at our tracting were overwhelmed with new investigators and trying to discern who are the ones we need to visit and has potential to progress. Funny story actually one of our newest investigators who is super awesome and very strong faithed he is asking us if he can say the opening prayer before we even are ready to start but thats not the funny part. The other day we went to his house and when I walked inside I was shocked to see the first american (thats not a fellow missionary) that I have seen for a few months now. Hes 21 years old and from Chicago. He started talking to our investigators daughter on facebook or something and then decided to pay her a visit I guess…anyway what a coincidence running into all sorts of people. Another one of our investigators was telling us about how heavenly father answers his prayers by speaking to him face to face in his dreams. The problem we have in the Philippines is everyone is super religious but not very spiritual if that makes sense.

As for a more uplifting story. I will tell you about Jessie the most recent baptism we had. The other night we were walking with him on the street and he pointed to a little alley way off to the side and told us thats where he used to sleep maybe only a few months ago. Something happened with his family that lives in Lucena another city so he left came here he didnt know anybody or have any place to stay. He eventually got a job and got a place to stay with the neighbor of one of the members here. We had a Family Home Evening with that member family and he ended up joining in and listening after that we started teaching him. He got a better job got baptized and the his new boss is letting him stay in one of his houses that is 2 stories and very big for 1 person. So long story short he went from sleeping in an alley way to turning his life around and getting a good foundation for his life. Hes a really great guy and he even bore his testimony in Sacrament meeting the other day. Hes very enthusiastic about living the gospel.

Other than that I also had an interview with my mission president this week in which I learned my companion is more than likely to become a trainer this next transfer on the 24th. So I can expect a new companion. The same thing is happening in my mission as in Brittany’s there are tons of incoming sisters and from there names they are american. Right now in our zone there are not any sisters actually but maybe this next transfer there will be.

Well sounds like time is going by back in small town Blackfoot. Same thing here. Its been really good here and im excited for rainy season so it will be a little bit cooler. Im glad to be serving here though. One thing our investigators have really taught us is the importance of prayer. One thing I used to tell our investigators is praying is easy you just have to follow these steps. But I realized prayer really isnt that easy its not about following steps its about learning how to talk to heavenly father. One of the less actives we have been teaching is super poor right now the father lost his job and they literally eat rice with boiled leaves the father is super depressed and its a sad situation because the father doesnt have the faith he needs. I recognized this from his prayer the other day. With all of the problems that he is facing right now and keeps saying. He didnt ask for help at all in his prayer he just says the basic things. Really if we want something bad enough dont be afraid to ask for it in prayer really we should ask heavenly father for everthing and not have the mindset I will find a way by myself. Because there isnt another way.


Elder Polatis



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