Weekly Letter 5-13-2013:

Well it was good to talk to all of you on skype and here how you are all doing. The one person who I never talked to was Jared so he will have to write me and give an update. So the biggest news that I didnt tell you on Skype was that we havent had water at our apartment for a week now. So the dishes are stacked up and we have been showering at the member homes lately and sometimes we even go to the zone leaders in the neighboring city to take a shower. Another piece of news that happened here yesterday was there was a big crash here yesterday which is unavoidable the way people drive here. A Family of nine was all piled onto one tricycle and they got hit by a bus and everyone died. The Tricycle is still sitting on the side of the road and its all torn apart. I was talking about the election also earlier so by the way I ended up meeting one of the candidates that is running for Mayor of calauag the other day, he tried speaking english to me and was shocked when I replied in Tagalog. Anyway I really like this small town area. I got an email from President Peterson telling me that next transfer I will be a trainer again. So I dont know if that means I will stay in the area or not. But there are changes coming on the way.


One of the most ineresting things that happened to us this week was when we found a less active family through an ineresting way. There youngest child who is a girl and ten years old remembered going to church when she was younger and before she could be baptized. So the other day she asked her parents if they could go to church. The parents didnt go to church but she with one of her friends they walked by themselves only ten years old. So of course we ended up talking to her asking where are your parents and then we ended up visiting them. Of course they had a handful of reasons why they havent been going to church but thats our role as missionaries. Resolve concerns through the gospel of Jesus Christ. The best thing is we werent the most effective teachers in the lesson. The ten year old girl taught them by example. I know as we follow the example of people who our doing righteous things that we will feel heavenly fathers love.


Elder Polatis


This is the investigator that we finally got to come to church yesterday. He is the president of the Fisher Folks Organization here in Calauag so his favorite saying is “Come unto me, and I will make you fishers of men. So we made him this banner and gave it to him as a gift!






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