Weekly Letter 5-20-2013:Ako’y isang Mapangitain na tao

Well what the missionary life this week went just fine it doesnt even feel like a week ago that I talked to you. Well hope all of you had fun at church. Me and Elder Valdez ended up speaking yesterday even though we were only informed about 5 minutes in advance as we were singing the opening hymn but thats ok I have just been waiting for one of those times. I actually ended up rambling on for about 15 minutes. After that we ended up getting also teaching the lesson in gospel principles class also because the teacher decided to leave. But once again no problem. Were really trying as hard as we can to get the ward active in all that they do. And not have the mind set “No problem the Elders can do it” But we really do have some good leaders here.


This week while tracting I found a family that was from my last area in Nasugbu even though I never met them while I was there we new a lot of the same families. And that was our key to get in and start teaching them they have a lot of respect for the church because of the things that they have exeperienced from the members and things and they have also been observant of the missionaries. So we taught them a great lesson and they are already progressing and reading the book of mormon. We have one Investigator that has been to church 3 times now and has a goal date for the 8th of June hes the when that sells the duck eggs.


This coming week theres even more change coming and I have a feeling my new trainee will be an american or at least a foreigner but we will see whats in store on Thursday this week. I got a letter from grandma this week and in it was a few papers that Eric Gray has wrote. In it there was a quote from one of the prophets saying “Dont just endure your life…enjoy it!” Its really so true because in the life of a missionary you can always say oh next week will be better when people finally have time or when president finally puts me in an apartment that has air conditioning. But the truth is hoping for tomorrow is only worth our time if were working for today.


Warmest regards,

Elder Polatis



Lechong Baboy…Sarap







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