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Weekly Letter 6.24.2013: Susubukin Tayo ng Diyos

Hello dearest Family,


Well every week is eventful for a missionary. So apart from the work I killed the pesky rat that has been in our house for the last few weeks. Considering our house is pure tiles there is only one way in and one way out for him which is a little hole that he chewed in the window screen so I heard him come in one night and spent 20 minutes chasing him around the house to be short I ended up smashing him with a frying pan in the middle of the floor and it was not a pretty sight. He was bigger than most gophers I have seen.


The second event is that last night it began to rain and then it rained some more and some more and I am just reading my Book of Mormon when all of a sudden my feet feel damp I look down and the water was covering the whole floor with in thirty minutes our whole apartment had an inch of water in it. That was the hardest rain I have ever seen. It was literally buckets of rain or im not sure maybe saying it was raining cats and dogs is more intense either way it flooded our apartment and the water was coming out of the drains and underneath the door.


Well one thing that is new in our mission is that we now report to the mission president weekly what is called OYM or Open Your Mouth and so we pretty count every single person we talk to and invite to listen to our message. At the end of the week we should never report below 70 people which sums it down to 10 people a day. That sounds easy but not really ha especially with a companion that only knows how to say what is your church and then I do the rest of the talking. But it has really been stretching us. It has showed us that we have a higher potential we can reach. Lots of new investigators have come from it also.


One Brother that we found from opening our mouth has a really ineresting life. He has a lot of jobs including driving a tricycle and giving rides to people pretty much call him a taxi driver. Anyway he is a single father because his wife died in birth so he actually has 7 kids. All of which so far a fairly successfull despite living in poverty they have been able study all the way through college at least the ones who have reached that age. He is a very big family man and our first lesson consisted of him showing us family pictures and college diplomas. Hes a very proud father and though its early in the teaching process I see a lot of potential in him from the gospel.


When you look at people from a gospel standpoint its actually really easy to see potential in people I think thats my word for the week is potential. So I have started the Book of Mormon again and as I read through Nephi and everything you will notice that Nephi is always super positive and always looks at the potential of things in 1 Nephi 17 its talks about him being bound with cords for three days and even though his arms and ankles were swollen and sore the first thing he did was pray and he says that he held him self back from complaining to the lord for his persucutions and instead thanked him. Being exact in our prayers like nephi is super important we spend so much time teaching our investigators all they need to do is have faith that god is right there listening to you and its the perfect opportunity to ask him a simple direct question “Is the Book of Mormon True.” Nephi also did this he went to the lord and asked to see the vision his father saw. He ended up seeing that and more. All we need to do is ask him to show us our potential and help us achieve it. I know he will answer.


Love you all,

Elder Polatis


P.S. Two baptisms coming up this saturday I will send pictures.



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Weekly Email 6-17-2013: Nakakakilos na kami

Dear Reader of this letter,


The week went down the drain after being sick I was sick on Tuesday then we went to the mission home on wednesday and thursday and then Friday Elder Tavita was sick so we only had about a day and a half of work when the week was done. A big difference from last week where we had 6 full days of work and tons of lessons. But anyway being sick is not any fun in the Philippines I just sat there sweating on my bed all day staring at the ceiling of our room which by the way has those glow in the dark stars that we would always buy when we were little. Its also no fun having a sick companion I just sat at my desk reading the whole time and after studying for half of a day it doesnt feel like anything will fit in my head anymore. I definately dont look forward to anymore sickness.


Well other than that tatay Jack is still getting baptized on the 29th he came to church yesterday and he actually reactivated his less-active neighbor and gave him a ride to church. Oh its a great missionary site to see your investigator come riding into the church parking lot on his 1990’s 100cc motorcyle with white smoke trailing off the back and an old less active man hanging on the back waving as they roll in. Only something you have to see in person.


One of Tatay Jack’s favorite lessons is enduring to the end mainly because saying it in Tagalog kinda roles of the tongue “Magtiis hanggang Wakas” One thing about learning tagalog has been able to understand the gospel from a new aspect. Theres so many members that did the minimum they could to become member and felt just a touch of happiness from living the minimum of the gospel. The people who have really been able to endure are the ones who are completely and fully willing to live the gospel of Jesus Christ because they have experienced such a big change in there life. Change is what drives them to endure because the more we change our life and make the sacrifice to do our part as a member the easier it gets to endure.


Elder Polatis

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Weekly Email 6-10-2013: May lagnat ako

Well dear family another day in the Phillys. After 9 months in the field I finally get to experience what a fever feels like in the Philippines. Today is the third day I have been sick and it pretty much just makes your whole body ache. Anyway besides that we had a somewhat successfull week. Brother Vincent got baptized. Hes only 16 years old and no one else in his family is a member YET. The baptism went really well and we got some of our investigators to attend so they understand what a baptism is like. The only thing is the disorganization even though we let the Ward mission leader know a week before none of the people showed up to talk and even the bishop was late for the baptism. But at that point theres really nothing more we can do.


So our next baptism that we have lined up is Tatay Jack hes the one that we have been working really hard on. The only downside with this is we scheduled the baptism on St. Martins day which is some kind of Catholic festival so tatay jacks 1 year old grandson is also going to be baptized on that day in the Catholic Church and then after that they are going to have a big ol party for the two baptisms. So thats a little twisted but at least one of them is in the true church.


Besides all of that we are going to the mission home this week for Elder Tavitas training check up so two days of no work because Wednesday is just all travel and then Thursday is the actual meeting. So thats pretty much all thats going on. To tell the truth its really been challenging lately but we have been able to recognize the lords help in all that we do. Thanks for the letters and all the support.



Elder Polatis


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Weekly Email 6-3-2013

Dear Family,

Another one bites the dust that is another week. It went splendid to our surprise actually. We had some really high key indicators for the RM’s who know what key indicators are. Nothing out of the ordinary this week just lots and lots of appointments. Which is awesome to see that people were willing to listen. Everything fell into place for us and we should have a lot of great baptisms this transfer.

Yesterday was fast sunday and our investigator tatay Jack got up and bore his testimony. Its was a great testimony and I think he almost reached 10 minutes. Our bishop told him hes a born leader. Maybe that means we will baptize the next bishop seeing that the bishop right now has been in for over 9 years. Other than that we also have a lot of new investigators including a family a very big family so it is.

Our companionship is doing good. Im not quite sure what they have in samoa but hes not very familiar with a computer I have to sign him in to his email and right now hes asking me how to spell Alma. Oh boy the whole communication between companion continues to push on. But we just do what we can and then go to work. I am also not to sure what food hes used to but right now he wont eat anything but Fried Chicken and Tang Juice. His money support is not going to last to long with a diet like that but its ok. As for him I went to another level with the food and finally got myself to eat blood soup. In the Philippines when a pick is at the slaughter they slit its throat first and let it bleed out then use all the blood for soup yeah I cant figure out why it doesnt taste good.

Anyway thanks for all the happy birthdays I have now finished another decade in my life thats crazy. So its all been good here and getting lost in the work is great were helping a lot of people make some big changes in there life. I know that Heavenly Father has really been answering a lot of prayers this week.

Love your elder

Elder Polatis

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