Weekly Email 6-10-2013: May lagnat ako

Well dear family another day in the Phillys. After 9 months in the field I finally get to experience what a fever feels like in the Philippines. Today is the third day I have been sick and it pretty much just makes your whole body ache. Anyway besides that we had a somewhat successfull week. Brother Vincent got baptized. Hes only 16 years old and no one else in his family is a member YET. The baptism went really well and we got some of our investigators to attend so they understand what a baptism is like. The only thing is the disorganization even though we let the Ward mission leader know a week before none of the people showed up to talk and even the bishop was late for the baptism. But at that point theres really nothing more we can do.


So our next baptism that we have lined up is Tatay Jack hes the one that we have been working really hard on. The only downside with this is we scheduled the baptism on St. Martins day which is some kind of Catholic festival so tatay jacks 1 year old grandson is also going to be baptized on that day in the Catholic Church and then after that they are going to have a big ol party for the two baptisms. So thats a little twisted but at least one of them is in the true church.


Besides all of that we are going to the mission home this week for Elder Tavitas training check up so two days of no work because Wednesday is just all travel and then Thursday is the actual meeting. So thats pretty much all thats going on. To tell the truth its really been challenging lately but we have been able to recognize the lords help in all that we do. Thanks for the letters and all the support.



Elder Polatis



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