Weekly Email 6-17-2013: Nakakakilos na kami

Dear Reader of this letter,


The week went down the drain after being sick I was sick on Tuesday then we went to the mission home on wednesday and thursday and then Friday Elder Tavita was sick so we only had about a day and a half of work when the week was done. A big difference from last week where we had 6 full days of work and tons of lessons. But anyway being sick is not any fun in the Philippines I just sat there sweating on my bed all day staring at the ceiling of our room which by the way has those glow in the dark stars that we would always buy when we were little. Its also no fun having a sick companion I just sat at my desk reading the whole time and after studying for half of a day it doesnt feel like anything will fit in my head anymore. I definately dont look forward to anymore sickness.


Well other than that tatay Jack is still getting baptized on the 29th he came to church yesterday and he actually reactivated his less-active neighbor and gave him a ride to church. Oh its a great missionary site to see your investigator come riding into the church parking lot on his 1990’s 100cc motorcyle with white smoke trailing off the back and an old less active man hanging on the back waving as they roll in. Only something you have to see in person.


One of Tatay Jack’s favorite lessons is enduring to the end mainly because saying it in Tagalog kinda roles of the tongue “Magtiis hanggang Wakas” One thing about learning tagalog has been able to understand the gospel from a new aspect. Theres so many members that did the minimum they could to become member and felt just a touch of happiness from living the minimum of the gospel. The people who have really been able to endure are the ones who are completely and fully willing to live the gospel of Jesus Christ because they have experienced such a big change in there life. Change is what drives them to endure because the more we change our life and make the sacrifice to do our part as a member the easier it gets to endure.


Elder Polatis


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