Weekly Email 6-3-2013

Dear Family,

Another one bites the dust that is another week. It went splendid to our surprise actually. We had some really high key indicators for the RM’s who know what key indicators are. Nothing out of the ordinary this week just lots and lots of appointments. Which is awesome to see that people were willing to listen. Everything fell into place for us and we should have a lot of great baptisms this transfer.

Yesterday was fast sunday and our investigator tatay Jack got up and bore his testimony. Its was a great testimony and I think he almost reached 10 minutes. Our bishop told him hes a born leader. Maybe that means we will baptize the next bishop seeing that the bishop right now has been in for over 9 years. Other than that we also have a lot of new investigators including a family a very big family so it is.

Our companionship is doing good. Im not quite sure what they have in samoa but hes not very familiar with a computer I have to sign him in to his email and right now hes asking me how to spell Alma. Oh boy the whole communication between companion continues to push on. But we just do what we can and then go to work. I am also not to sure what food hes used to but right now he wont eat anything but Fried Chicken and Tang Juice. His money support is not going to last to long with a diet like that but its ok. As for him I went to another level with the food and finally got myself to eat blood soup. In the Philippines when a pick is at the slaughter they slit its throat first and let it bleed out then use all the blood for soup yeah I cant figure out why it doesnt taste good.

Anyway thanks for all the happy birthdays I have now finished another decade in my life thats crazy. So its all been good here and getting lost in the work is great were helping a lot of people make some big changes in there life. I know that Heavenly Father has really been answering a lot of prayers this week.

Love your elder

Elder Polatis


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