Weekly Letter 6.24.2013: Susubukin Tayo ng Diyos

Hello dearest Family,


Well every week is eventful for a missionary. So apart from the work I killed the pesky rat that has been in our house for the last few weeks. Considering our house is pure tiles there is only one way in and one way out for him which is a little hole that he chewed in the window screen so I heard him come in one night and spent 20 minutes chasing him around the house to be short I ended up smashing him with a frying pan in the middle of the floor and it was not a pretty sight. He was bigger than most gophers I have seen.


The second event is that last night it began to rain and then it rained some more and some more and I am just reading my Book of Mormon when all of a sudden my feet feel damp I look down and the water was covering the whole floor with in thirty minutes our whole apartment had an inch of water in it. That was the hardest rain I have ever seen. It was literally buckets of rain or im not sure maybe saying it was raining cats and dogs is more intense either way it flooded our apartment and the water was coming out of the drains and underneath the door.


Well one thing that is new in our mission is that we now report to the mission president weekly what is called OYM or Open Your Mouth and so we pretty count every single person we talk to and invite to listen to our message. At the end of the week we should never report below 70 people which sums it down to 10 people a day. That sounds easy but not really ha especially with a companion that only knows how to say what is your church and then I do the rest of the talking. But it has really been stretching us. It has showed us that we have a higher potential we can reach. Lots of new investigators have come from it also.


One Brother that we found from opening our mouth has a really ineresting life. He has a lot of jobs including driving a tricycle and giving rides to people pretty much call him a taxi driver. Anyway he is a single father because his wife died in birth so he actually has 7 kids. All of which so far a fairly successfull despite living in poverty they have been able study all the way through college at least the ones who have reached that age. He is a very big family man and our first lesson consisted of him showing us family pictures and college diplomas. Hes a very proud father and though its early in the teaching process I see a lot of potential in him from the gospel.


When you look at people from a gospel standpoint its actually really easy to see potential in people I think thats my word for the week is potential. So I have started the Book of Mormon again and as I read through Nephi and everything you will notice that Nephi is always super positive and always looks at the potential of things in 1 Nephi 17 its talks about him being bound with cords for three days and even though his arms and ankles were swollen and sore the first thing he did was pray and he says that he held him self back from complaining to the lord for his persucutions and instead thanked him. Being exact in our prayers like nephi is super important we spend so much time teaching our investigators all they need to do is have faith that god is right there listening to you and its the perfect opportunity to ask him a simple direct question “Is the Book of Mormon True.” Nephi also did this he went to the lord and asked to see the vision his father saw. He ended up seeing that and more. All we need to do is ask him to show us our potential and help us achieve it. I know he will answer.


Love you all,

Elder Polatis


P.S. Two baptisms coming up this saturday I will send pictures.



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