Weekly letter 7.1.2013: sawa na ako dito

Dear Family,

The week went by super super slow because I ended up spending most of it sitting at my desk in the apartment reading Ang Aklit ni Mormon. My companion got sick every other day this week and I just studied and read and paced the apartment and talked to the kids outside and gave them the rest of the american candy I had and I chased another rat around our apartment and then I cleaned a little here and there and then the power went out for a whole day and I had no electric fan and then I started sweating and then I went to sleep and thats about how half of the week went hahaha. I just about went crazy.

For the days we did work I want to tell you about our newest investigator. Last saturday we were walking away from an appointment when an older brother walked up to us and asked us what time church was the next day so we gave him all the details and said we would come back and visit him and didnt think much of it cause a lot of people ask us when church is just as kind of like a conversation starter because they want to talk to an american and call him joe. Which was why we were surprised to see him at church the next day almost a whole hour early so of course we visited him right away and before we were even able to tell him about Joseph Smith he asked us when he could be baptized. So he has a pretty rough background of selling drugs and needs to really make a big change in his life. But he really wants to do it because he sees how its affecting his kids. He also came to church again yesterday and also the baptism on Saturday which is a big deal because he has to walk almost an hour to get to the church.

So I mentioned the baptism so Tatay Jack is finally baptized. He came out of the water with a huge smile on his face. We really worked hard with him this week in reading the Book Of Mormon we were at his house everyday at 6:30 in the morning to read with him. He has been a great investigator and is going to be key in converting our other investigators. He is a very well known man in the town actually because he is the President of the Fisher Folks in the city of Calauag and considering being a fisherman is the biggest job in the Philippines he knows lots of people including one of our other investigators that is a Philippine National Policeman. Right now our mission is trying to focus on finding future leaders of the church. So that it can be more organized and effective just like the satelite broadcast that Brittany mentioned we watched. Those wards are so active and set up and in our ward we cant even get our Ward Mission Leader to answer his phone.

But after all that I realize my expectations are high for them because I grew up in Mormonville, USA not really just kidding. But where the church is so established and close to church headquarters. Its crazy to see how effective and guided the church is in integrating all of the new changes they have been making and even the scout jamboree that you told me about goes to show our leaders our guided. Even down to our mission president he has also been making a lot of changes in our mission and it has all let to the success and progress of the church in San Pablo, Philippines. I know the church is true and is guided by Heavenly Father through people he calls especially Thomas S. Monson. Its awesome to see a light come into peoples countenances as they learn about that organization and how the Church of Jesus Christ runs in the Latter-days. Thank you all.

Love you,
Elder Polatis



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