Weekly Letter 7.9.2013: Bukas ng a las siete

Dear Family,


The week flew by and was gone before I felt like we could get anything done. In the end though we still have 3 progressing investigators. I dont think my investigators have had so many concerns in one week at a time before. The one thats a Philippines National Police and has spent a lot of time reading the bible in the past went on a mental breakdown or something and told us his whole life was a lie growing up as a catholic and he says forget the Bible and the Book of Mormon theres no life after this or in other words Eat, Drink, and be Merry. On the other hand we lost one of our investigators after teaching tithing. He actually got mad at us and raised his voice when I told him that god only gave this commandment because he knows that hes able to do it. So that investigator also hit a wall.


So today is the very first day of another transfer. We didnt get transferred but the one Elder that I told you was from Pocatello did and also our district leader so now im the new district leader in our area. We actually have a pretty unique district because despite more than half of the mission being Filipino we only have one in our district. We are actually composed of 1 Samoan 1 Tongan 2 Idahoans 1 Californian and a Filipino. So exchanges are going to be pretty fun.


To be honest Im pretty well lost in the work right now. The mission has really been the best learning experience. As I come to the end of the 1st half of my mission a quote that is written on our fridge right now stands out to me. “Feelings of success dont come until the work is done.” Well the works not really done but half of it is. To be honest the investigator that got mad at us about tithing has really been in my head lately. He just doesnt understand the doctrine of the gospel that every blessing is received by an act of faith. Im glad I started early in my life paying tithing and now its just a habit or instilled within me. The same thing with all commandments we just need to learn how to reconcile our lifes to Heavenly Father



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