Weekly Letter 7.15.2013: Ibang mundo

Dear Family,


This week went similiar to the past, my companion got an eye infection and we lost two days of work. Despite that we still managed to find some new investigators. One of the most exciting things on the mission is trying to keep a “dynamic” teaching pool and continue to add people in. One of our new investigators is super good at speaking English, he is a graduate student and owns a cloth store and if we wanted to could teach the whole thing in English. Its funny though because I feel more comfortable teaching in Tagalog rather than English. I have never actually taught the Restoration in my native language. We found another investigator that they call a Baranguay Chairman and he just tries to think Philosophical and twist the whole Joseph Smith story but in the end he was pretty interested in our message.


Its funny what Brittany wrote about last week with crazy old people and being super religious because thats also a lot of what we have experienced. There’s an old lady that lives down the street from us that has to be close to 90 but she’s always out hobbling on the road with her can and she holds a big butcher knife behind her back in a murderous fashion. I thought it was a pretty interesting and funny situation so I stopped and talked to her. It seems as though she’s mad. She always asks what time it is as she inches closer to us and I make sure to keep one eye on the knife as I glance at my watch.



So I know I have mentioned a number of times about the father who is getting baptized as soon as he is married. Well its official this time he is getting married on August third. I’m kinda disappointed in the Stake President because the papers are waiting, all he has to do is say the words “husband and wife” then sign a paper and we can put our investigator in the water but he says he doesn’t have any time until next month. So anyway that’s our next event coming up.


So I’m not really making a count on it but this week I will start the second year of the mission. There’s still a lot I need to do in the Philippines before next July and its crazy to think that I’m the one called to do it all. I prepared a talk this week to give in sacrament meeting if we ever get called on the last minute about callings. What I really learned is the little things need to get done. No matter what our calling is the lord and other people depend on us. The Church of Jesus Christ is so organized and we all need to do our part.


Elder Polatis



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