Weekly Letter 7.21.2013: Banal na Baka

Hello everyone,


Sounds like the usual Polatis vacation…Dad and the whole family being busier than ever and pushing do get everything finished and some kind of crisis flood or something in the house along with a midnight drive yup thats normal haha crazy family. Thanks for writing and I got almost all of your Dear Elder letters you have wrote the past month or so.


My week here has been great its still tough but we had a good time. This week I stopped and talked to this one guy on the street and he seemed just like a normal nice guy. I asked for a return appointment and so he said yeah just go to the corner of this street and asked the security guard thats always standing over there. Ended up the security guard is his personal guard and he lives in this mansion home thats like a pent house. He took us up to the very top and we could pretty much see the whole area. It was super weird teaching him beacause he had couches and a plasma screen tv and for the first time in a few months I was able to invite my investigator to have a kneeling prayer because it wasnt a dirt or cement floor. Anyway hes super nice and hope we get to continue to teach him.


Yesterday in sacrament Jessie and Tatay Jack spoke in sacrament we went to there houses on Saturday to make sure they were ok about it and had some material. The funny thing is they both almost went 15 minutes when we told them maybe only seven or 8 and the last speaker ended up having about 5 minutes haha. They are both doing really good though and we should be having a lot more RC’s coming up.


This week I went on exchanges with a Tongan that grew up in California. It was good to get to know him and find out what kind of sacrifices hes making to serve a mission. Because he has 12 siblings and his dad has disabilities on top of that his brother is in jail and it just sounds like he has a rough background but here he is serving in the Philippines. I have seen people sacrifice so much while on my mission and it really goes to show how much they love the work. It really is the best work here getting to meet all sorts of different people and even though they dont all accept us they are very religious and its also have all sorts of dreams just like Brittany was talking about. Even though at times I think oh boy they are crazy at least they have the belief that Heavenly Father will help them and they just need to learn how to use that faith in righteous ways.


I love you all,

Elder Polatis



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