Weekly Letter 7.29.2013: Pasulong! Paatras! Huminto na!

Well family,


Its good to hear about your splendid vacation. It sounds like sometimes we work to hard to play even harder. This week we faced mother nature and Im not sure if shes on gods side or not in this work. In short words we hid underneath our umbrellas this week. At the same time we found a way to get from place to place and we had some really good experiences.


The one sad thing is our investigator got had applied for some marriage papers so he could be married and baptized this weekend and it came back declined because supposedly his wife is already previously married to someone else. Its crazy how people dont know if they are married our not. Anyway her claim is someone has stolen her identity actually never really got married but someone else used her name in a marriage ceremony I dont know what to do or say considering the rough background of our investigator who has loaned his name to his cousin so he could have a clean record and work abroad lol. He tried to tell us its just the Filipino way of life and I try to explain its not right because its against the law of the land. In the end he will be baptized im working with President Peterson on it. But more than likely I will be transferred before that happens. So someone else will harvest my fruits.


So in short the week went well and my companion only had one sick day. I also went on exchanges with an Elder from California. It was the first time that I have worked with a white person on my mission besides the MTC. But anyways its all good and im working hard to be a finisher and leave this area in good condition for whoever replaces me. Transfer day is on the 15th of August so my days are numbered in Calauag, Quezon. This area has been really good and Im gunna miss the people here especially our recent converts Tatay Jack and Brother Jessie but they are really good members and will do a lot of good.


Anyway in my study journal I wrote a little paper you could say its not the final draft but I will share it with you. Because in life it seems like everyones world revolves around finding ways to improve their livliehood and be happy so here you go I hope you all have a good week I love you all


Elder Polatis




Happiness comes when there is a lack of sadness. Lehi taught his son Jacob “If there be no righteousness, there be no happiness.” (2 Nephi 2:13)


It seems as though in our time and day people are confused of the true meaning of happiness or at least the means of which to obtain it. To truly know happiness it is first needed to understand there is temporary happiness and lasting happiness. In which there is a big difference.


Temporary happiness is the easier of which to gain. More importantly there are two sources that it comes from. One from our Heavenly Father and the other from Satan. As we dwell in this worldly state our father desires us to be happy and blesses us with worldly things based on principles of righteousness. In the Book of Mormon we read about people who become highly favored of the lord and begin to prosper exceedingly in physical state of speaking. This is the most vulnerable time for Satan to take hold of the hearts of the children of men.


Satan “seeketh that all men be miserable like unto himself” (2 Nephi 2:27) He tempts us by means of temporary happiness. Although the beginning result is happiness the end result is sadness because we have fell into his trap and distanced ourselves from our Heavenly Father by means of sin. King Benjamin told the citizens of Zarahemla to “Look on the state of happiness of those who keep the commandments.” This is because the state of their happiness is true and eternal.


As of now we cannot understand what eternal really mean. Our father who is in heaven does understand and this is why he has made the promise many times that we shall have eternal life. His desires for us truly reflect the love he has for each of us. It is only through daily experiences that we can come to a better understanding of how to be happy now and for life’s to come. As we go about that daily schedule many will find that happiness will only come as a Bi-product of our righteous actions.



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