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Letter from the Mission President… we are so proud of our missionary!

16 August 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Polatis

Dear Brother and Sister Polatis,

We are pleased to inform you that your son, Elder Nathan Randall Polatis, has been called to be a Zone Leader in this mission.

Elder Polatis has shown himself to be a humble, dedicated, hard working and obedient missionary, displaying skills in mission leadership, training and proselyting.  He has qualified himself to receive this important mission calling.  I have the utmost confidence that your son will carry out this assignment with the same dedication and commitment that he has thus far exhibited as a missionary.

We want to express my sincere appreciation to you for raising such a fine young man.

Sincerely ,

President George E. Peterson Sister Kathryn M. Peterson

Philippines San Pablo Mission


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Weekly letter 8.12.2013: Alisin ang HAKAHAKA!

So the week went super quick this week especially with me knowing that transfer day is coming up. The biggest news this week is that Tatay Crisanto finally got married and baptized this week. Im sad though because I will not be here for the baptism of his two little girls in the picture. But I know theres new things waiting in the next area. I have a feeling I might end up getting assigned on one of the islands now but you never know with President.


We taught a lot of new people again this week and also are still trying to work with 2 other investigators who having been ready and coming to church for like 2 months now but just need to get there legal documents in order because of their marriages. Its crazy what happens when you get about 6 hours outside of Manila. They say Manila is just like another normal international city and then you get out here and there is no law enforcement and no ones married they just live free whatever and however. Its been a really good experience though teaching them the gospel and changing who they are to be more like god.


Thats really one of the hardest things to teach people “the false traditions of their forefathers.” People sometimes just dont understand the why. But when people truly feel the spirit in their lives they all of the sudden become willing to change and sacrifice. One thing that we can be grateful for is be raised correctly and being taught while young the need for that sacrifice and having it be a way of life. Two of our investigators this week mentioned it took them to the age of 54 to truly find the meaning of life.



Tatay Crisanto finally got baptized


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Weekly letter 8.5.2013: Pambihira Talaga!

So first off I will tell you what we did earlier today…we went caveman bowling. Once every transfer we are allowed to go on a zone P-day and leave our area. Our zone leaders in this area arent really on the ball and didnt plan ahead to go to this one lake so instead we went bowling in one of the other elders areas. It was the Gumaca Bowling Alley and I wish I had pictures I felt like Fred Flinstone. The floor was I think Bamboo wood and super soft and not even at all and the balls were these little hard balls that may be just a little larger than a softball. Instead of 2 rolls we got three. I ended up getting 105 the highest score out of all of us but it was a very ineresting way to bowl in the end it was actually really pretty fun.

As for my purpose as a missionary here we did some good work in our area. We have 11 fairly solid new investigators. One of the things I have really made sure to stay away from is what missionary slang would be “getting trunky” pretty much means slacking off at the end of an area or before you go home. This is true because all these new investigators or anyone else I meet will be harvested by the next missionary. But I always want them to remember the first time they met the missionaries and think back to the time when met Elder Polatis. They told us way back in the MTC to leave a legacy in your mission.

The other day I was standing on the side of the rode at 8 o’clock at night in a rain storm waiting for a bus. When all of the sudden I thought where did the time go? I have really already lived here for over a year and I think I could apply for citizenship. I think this was a mind trick that President Peterson played on me by weighing me down with to much to do to ever let my mind sway. The lord is really working hard in the Philippines and theres a lot to do in this part of the vineyard. Even though this is one of the farthest parts of the vineyard theres a lot of ripe fruits over here and im glad to be the one harvesting them.

Love, Elder Polatis

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