Weekly letter 8.12.2013: Alisin ang HAKAHAKA!

So the week went super quick this week especially with me knowing that transfer day is coming up. The biggest news this week is that Tatay Crisanto finally got married and baptized this week. Im sad though because I will not be here for the baptism of his two little girls in the picture. But I know theres new things waiting in the next area. I have a feeling I might end up getting assigned on one of the islands now but you never know with President.


We taught a lot of new people again this week and also are still trying to work with 2 other investigators who having been ready and coming to church for like 2 months now but just need to get there legal documents in order because of their marriages. Its crazy what happens when you get about 6 hours outside of Manila. They say Manila is just like another normal international city and then you get out here and there is no law enforcement and no ones married they just live free whatever and however. Its been a really good experience though teaching them the gospel and changing who they are to be more like god.


Thats really one of the hardest things to teach people “the false traditions of their forefathers.” People sometimes just dont understand the why. But when people truly feel the spirit in their lives they all of the sudden become willing to change and sacrifice. One thing that we can be grateful for is be raised correctly and being taught while young the need for that sacrifice and having it be a way of life. Two of our investigators this week mentioned it took them to the age of 54 to truly find the meaning of life.



Tatay Crisanto finally got baptized



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