Weekly Letter 8.18.2013: Pagbulay-bulayin ang buhay ninyo

Dear Family,


So President ruined my surprise I guess about becoming a new zone leader but yup here I am in my new area, San Pablo City itself. This area is not like any of my other areas its complete city and we have a big shopping center that’s like a monster mall and has all sorts of american food restaurants. Also the people here are a lot more high class and many of them speak english. We as zone leaders are assigned in the San Pablo Ward 5 which is the highest ward there is by the way, so really our area only covers a little part of San Pablo itself.


So I got here off the bus around 3 o clock on Thursday afternoon and the very next day the Assistants to the President wanted to go on exchanges with us so me and one of the AP’s (Elder Merriam) went together while my new companion (Elder Cabacungan) went with the other AP to all of our appointments. So being my first day I didnt know anyone in the area or more importantly the area boundaries. So we just went tracting for 9 hours straight in which we ended wandering outside of the area boundaries without knowing it. We found out that we were in the other ward when we ended up running into a member who was confused why elders were in her area when sister missionaries are really the ones assigned there. It ended up being a pretty fun and interesting day and we met a ton of new contacts to visit in the coming days.


My new companion, I mentioned, is Elder Cabacungan who is from the northern part of the Philippines where they also speak Illocano. Note of interest, all of my Filipino companions have also spoken Illocano on top of Tagalog but one thing about him is his mom is from another area that speaks another dialect called Ibanga so he kinda has a different accent than I’m used to but I understand him just fine. He is also into agriculture where he’s from so he asks lots of questions about the farm and things. The zone that we are over is really big actually. It has three districts of 24 missionaries 10 of which are sister missionaries. I have never been in a district or area where there were sister missionaries so thats a new experience but after looking at their numbers they sent in this week it looks as though they work very hard.


The mission has got me wound up so fast that time just flies by but I can’t decide if thats a good thing…maybe for the time being it is while I serve a mission. But one thing I have noticed in our investigators and members is they let themselves get swept away by the world and before they know it 3 months have gone by and they have not been going to church or that goal they set to have more effective home teaching never happened. One great thing I have learned from following the mission schedule is to always sit back look at the big picture and evaluate yourself. Of course your evaluation would be a lot different because your calling is different and in different times of life but its always nice to slow down and PONDER.



Elder Polatis



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